I've had s** with my little brother

I've had s** with my little brother when I was 11 and he was 9. I'm not sure what we thought we where doing but it happened and we almost got caught twice by my mom. I wonder if he remembers



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  • You should talk to him about it. I had a similar experience with each of my two sisters. We haven't spoken about it since, but I regret that. I don't see either much these days (I moved out of state), but I want to talk about it with both. Each situation was different, but I was about the same age when I had s** with my younger sister. I suppose a part of me wants to play more as an adult, and the only way that has a chance of happening is if one of us brings it up.

  • Oh I'm sure he does

  • Oh I'm sure he does..............

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