S** with boyfriend's dad

I had s** with my boyfriend's dad after learning he cheated on me with a good friend of mine at a party. This was a year ago (I was 19). I had lost my virginity to my boyfriend when i was 17. We had dated since i was 15. He was 2 years older than me. When I learned about him cheating on me, I was outraged. A few days later I heard he was staying a her house for the night, so I went over to his house and told his dad everything! He was 45 and single and always smitten for me. I knew I could seduce him into having s** with me. After telling him the story and crying on his shoulder for a while, he asked me to stay for dinner and a movie. During the movie, I moved close to him on the couch, made some subtle hints and it worked. He put one arm around my shoulders and the other on my leg. I was wearing very short skirt and tight spaghetti strap shirt. As he moved his hand up my thigh I opened my legs more, then he slid his hand up my skirt and rubbed my p****. Then we started kissing and making out. I got down on my knees and sucked his c***, then finished getting naked and jumped on top of him. We continued making out as I rode him, until he came inside me. I had never let my boyfriend c** inside me though he wanted to many times, so this was my first experience. It felt amazing!

The next next day, my boyfriend texted me saying he missed me. I asked him what he did last night, he lied saying he stayed home with his dad. I told him he was lying and he asked how I knew that......so I texted him....

"I know you weren't with your dad, because I WAS WITH HIM ALL NIGHT LONG! :) Payback is a b****! We are over!"

That moment was incredible....just imagining the face expressions he made as he read that text. Lol.

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  • sexy as all h***!

  • That's awesome! I did the same thing with my son's 19 year old girlfriend after he cheated on her with her younger sister. We f***** on the sofa a couple times and I persuaded her to spend the night with me. The next morning he found us naked in my bed together. The look on his face was priceless as he stormed out of my room and slammed the door. We f***** one more time very loudly while he sulked in his room and then she took a shower and left, writing him note that said, "Your dad's the best! I hope you didn't get Herpes from my little sis."

  • Hate to see what the holiday's must be like :)

  • LOVE IT! You go, girl!!!!!!

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