Found some s** toys

I was sleeping over at my bf house and we were setting up the air mattress but the pump broke so we looked around for a hand pump that he said he had. We couldnt find it so we asked his mom. She said to help her look around. So we split up. Soon i got called to her closet. She said it may be up onthe higher shelves. It was kinda awkward since i was like 14, and her underwear and bras were everywhere. I got kind of aroused cuz she is kinda hot. Anyways, she tells me to climb ontop of some boxes. I slip and knock over a stack of boxes. It didnt hurt but we were both so embarrassed cuz i knock over a box of her s** toys. It spilt and a bunch of them were all over the ground. I started to help her clean but she just said it was fine and i left. I watched her clean up from the door. Shes had a collection! I saw atleast a couple dildoes longer than 12" and probably wider than some arms. It was really awkward at dinner but after that experience, i had a huge crush on her

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