Strange dream of me in history

I was dancing at a big house with a beautiful girl. Our family had matched us up to connect the property. She was a face I had not seen before in life. After a few dances she left the room. I danced with a light skin house girl. She told me I got her with the deal. She had grown up with my future bride. She then wrapped her legs around me and her arms around my neck. Dance me in the other room please. She then pulled out and put it in her. I stood there as she rode me to finish.
She got off me and left the room. I got back home and we had the wedding in our garden four months later. That day this light skin servant girl was pregnant. She took care of my bride, said she would be our upstairs girl.
I had the wedding night with me bride when she told me, I will sleep in the other room. You and I can meet up on special nights. The other nights you get and she gave me the name of the servant girl. I ask how this could be, she told me that's what she is for. My daddy has his, said you should have yours.

Told my wife about this and other very strange dreams. She seems to think its my past lives. I thinks its my imagination running wild. Some are amazing stories and I should write them down. I did find a few things I had in my dream and found historically correct. Yet it was not something I had read or watched in media. No idea where the info came from.

Jul 10, 2014

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  • Very interesting, u really should write them down. Make stories from them or just take notes. Like some people have dream journals, u can have a past life journal! OK but cool post

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