Just s**

Iv been secretly sleeping with my best friends partner on and off for over a year, im single by choice after a break up, to me its just s** nd he cant get enuf and i love the danger off it!

Jul 12, 2014

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  • One, I agree with the first comment..Please, at least try to use proper English and not text-speak.

    And two..Don't worry about sleeping with the friend's partner. It happens. I've done it, numerous times, with my one friend's very pretty, slender, fit-bodied, bright blue-eyed, but..Incredibly needy girlfriend. We're all friends, and, he has a tendency to s**** things up, i.e.- land his ass in jail.

    He was in last year for 3 months, and, I met up with the needy gf several times, for lunch, day drinking, and her b**** sessions about him. First time, we were at a bar, and she's going off on him, scraping her long, red nails off my arm, and flipping her long, straight blonde hair back..We had another drink, and I offered her "relief", as it was clear she needed it. She knew what I meant, and not only agreed, but, said had been thinking about how to ask me to f*** her since bf went inside.

    I admit, she's physically hot, very arousing, and a pleasure to throw around in bed..We got together once or twice per week while he was in jail, held off a bit afterwards, then started up again just because.

  • STOP writing like you are texting...and learn the difference

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