I am a married woman of 42 and I first experienced something where I don't know how to deal with.
A few days ago I went to my mother, who is widow since I was a little girl. I have a good relationship with her, I thought.
I visit her weekly nomatter how busy I am with my man, children or work.
Although my mother for her 68 years still is in good health I'm a little concerned because she complains lately that she often is tired. I think it's because of her overweight and that is why I watch extra on her.
Because my mother didn't open the door when I rang the doorbel I let myself in with the key of my mothers house that I have in case of something happened to her.
I called my mother but I only heard moans and thought my mother was not feeling well and walked to her bedroom because that's where the sound came from.
I called my mother one more time and then I heard her cry out, "no, no, don't come in!"
But I already opened the bedroom door and got the fright of my life.
I saw my mother with an appalled face looking at me and I saw that she sat on top of a naked man. That would be not so bad if that man who lay naked under her, had to be at least 30 years younger.
I stood as motionless and then ran out of the house. I still haven't heard of my mother.
The image of my mother on top of that young man still stands on my retina. I know there is no what to do, I'm too embarrassed to tell my husband.

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  • Two years ago, when my father died, my mother and I stayed awake one night and shared stories about him. I am in my 30s, and married with children, so we talked a lot about him when he was my age and the beginnings of their family. (I'm the only surviving child.) Then she started sharing details about their s** life when they were younger. It felt totally natural. I enjoyed learning about that part of my father's personality. I discovered I am very much like him when it comes to our desires.

  • If your mother is 68 and is being f***** by a 30 year old good for her, so call her and congratulate her.

  • That was FUNNY !!

  • Whoa! I think most of us would be mortified to catch our parents having s**. But to catch your mom with a much younger man. Yikes..something we can't unsee. I guess good for her for..right?! Have you heard from your mom?

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