Bisexual who is h**** all the time.

I've been cyber sexing this guy for a few years. He gets me so h**** and wet. We use yahoo when we play. I'm married but he'll sometimes message me and ask me if i'm h**** and i'll say yes and tell me to put my hand down my pants and play with it so i do cuz I love when he tells me what to do. He'll tell me rub it for daddy. Calling him daddy makes me wet. I've sent him so many pics of my p**** I love when he looks at it. He can look at my p**** anytime he feels too he has saved all my pics. If he wants me to finger it he tells me to f*** it. so i'll stick a finger in and start f***** myself and he'll ask me how many i have in and i'll tell him one and he makes me put all the 4 fingers in. i like making sure my t*** are hanging out while I play with him. I'm h**** now as I type this. I read our archives any chance I get and play with myself when he's not online. so while i type im gonna rub it. we have talked about what we would do if we ever met. he would answer the door with his c*** hanging out still soft so i could suck on it for awhile right when i got there. id wanna be sleeping and him pull the blanket down then my panties and slip his c*** in my ass and f*** it however long he wants too. id wanna sit on his face so he could lick my p**** while i moan for daddy. id want him n his friends to watch my playin with myself whle they hear me moan. make sure i take my t*** out too. oh n btw this feels so good its so wet. he knows im bisexual so we would love to have a threesome also. yummy. id love to suck him off while i get my p**** licked. just putting this out there cuz it turns me on. ive gotten on cam for him so he could watch me play. let him look at my p**** n ass n then he watched me rub it.

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