I just Don't think she would listen...unless I disappeared

I am tired of arguing and fussing over the MOST tiny things with my mother. You know, I wake in the morning and say she speaks, I may speak, but if I am not gleaming with a smiling or bubbling over with joy (since people usually aren't IN THE MORNING) she'll ask, what's the matter?my usual response is "nothing, I just woke up." So Today, I asked a question to her which was "what do you think of these shoes?" It was a cell phone pic of Nike shox (poshmark) for $20. She goes In to this all out rant yelling saying "I don't know anything thing about the shoes, I know you want them, but have reached my limit, I have done soooo much for you, i can't do it!!!" ....and goes on for another 10mins. Now I didn't plan on her paying anything for the shoes, her opinion simply mattered to me. On the personal aspect, I am 26 y.o. With. few degrees and presently a Doctoral student continuing school in a few days. I was out for the summer, I worked here and there temp jobs but it's been slow, but once school starts we have funds to "live from". So my mother is great she supports things on few occasions when I can't, however once I am able (as I have done before) I repay any debts or bills she has assisted me with. So, money has been a little tight for a few weeks. However, even when times are great she just doesn't listen to me! She listens to other people BETTER than HER OWN DAUGHTER! I used to smooth things over, she can have random attitudes and I am done caring! Both of us can be talking to two other people and she will just TALK OVER me!! She can go on for hours....or talk for hours about the same thing
I AM SICK OF IT...it is was me, she would want me to move on,and not raise my voice....I am thinking of leaving earlier for school just to get Away from it!! maybe if stay away from home longer it would be better...I do more than my brother has done (who is 35). I am going crazy...,I just think if I disappeared for a long time, maybe she would care about something I had to say....

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  • When I first read the title and first few sentences, I thought you may be still in high school. Yea, you know maybe leaving for school earlier would be better for your relationship. And maybe when you're away you could write her a letter thanking her for all she does and say that you would like a better relationship. And remind her that you are not a child. You're nearing 30..well you still have a few years, but closer to to 30 than your teens. At some point, even though she'll always be your mom, the relationship has to mature. Some of her yelling, really sounds like she's stressed and instead of her saying just that she takes it out on you. A lot of what she does, she probably has no idea she's doing because you have never pointed it out to her. Good luck..hopefully things will get better for you both.

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