P***** American

Listen i went ta wendy's today and tried ta get my order filled, and naturally the person on the speaker was a mexican so i was a little ticked so i tried again a few hours later with the same order and AGAIN f***** up my order now im p***** so i stormed in the door and yelled for the manager i told'em ive been a long time customer and am sick of his Dirt cheap w****** employees getting everybody's orders wrong and screamed to hire Real Americans that speak pure english not that garbage language i dont care if they work for pennies this is America dammit DEPORT EVERY MEXICAN send'em out on a raft and sink it in the middle of the ocean!

Jul 23, 2014

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  • The internet is getting pretty filled up with people screeching at others while ignoring their own shortfalls. IOW, check your own ability to use your native language before you wet your panties over the skills of someone who wasn't born here. Moron.

  • Ah man..... that is so funny but true!! that's one thing that really gets me p***** is a beaner who can't get my simple order right..... and then the way they pile on the ketchup and mayonnaise so when you open up your burger it looks like a f***** sloppy mess. ever since they've been working in just about every job the quality of the product has gone down hill.... and that ain't no bull.

  • Haha this was actually pretty funny

  • Learn English, you piece of s***. They have every right to be here.

  • Yes only if they came here legally and went through the process, but if they snuck over here illegally with stolen identities then they have absolutely no right to be here!!!

  • And you can tell which ones are which by looking? Take a Midol and get over yourself.

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