s** with the ex

i still love the way my ex does me so i go back to him pretty often for the best s** i ever had. my husband has no idea. he also has no idea that i am going to have my ex knock me up like about 2months from now......

Jul 25, 2014

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  • You are a s*** w****

  • What is up with woman using kids as if kids are nothing but objects ?
    Your an idiot lady or shall I call you a ho .
    Hope your husband find out your a cheater and knocks you out for good .

  • ur begging for trouble......and for a bad beatdown

  • Let me knock u up instead! what you gonna tell hubby once child is born and looks so different?

  • i think plenty of babies only look like 1 parent or neither of them so i dont think that will be a big deal. plus we been havingtrouble getting pregnantn so he will probly more relieved thananything else possible. but even if we didnt have the issue i would still want my ex to knock my hot ass up and specially for the first child i would keep coz i think it is going to just be the sexiest thingever to becarying my exs baby while im still living with my hub and still sleeping in his bed and living in his house and nobody knows that the baby isnt his. plus then raising it likes its his too. nobody will ever know except me and my best gf from school and we might even get preg together maybe idk yet but we will see soon......

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