A woman gave me whisker burn

We met at a friends house and I gave her a ride home. On the way we talked and she offered me s**. I was excited to be with a women much older. She gave me a tongue job and sucked me off. She sucked my nuts and licked all down there.
I know she is a woman, I had s** with her. I said her p**** and we had a lot of s** that night.
Next morning I had red marks around my legs near my nuts. I had no idea and thought it was a disease of some sort. I spent hours on boards asking and a girl told me it sounds like whisker burns she got from an older guy giving her oral s**. I sent her a picture, you got it, that's whisker burn.
Now I am embarrassed to know I screwed the bearded lady.

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  • Lol bearded, are you sure it wasn't a guy?!

  • What you had was a post-op tranny. Disgusting!

  • All genders are beautiful! See beyond this lease, as human beings are more than gender and sexual orientation!

  • Hahahahahaha funny !

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