Nude pictures

My step brother peeked the lock of the bathroom and took naked pictures of me in the shower. He got a full frontal naked shot while I was shampooing my hair with my eyes closed and threatened to show them in school. Told him I do anything he said to keep him from showing them. He took me to his friends house, told to get undressed and spread my legs. Sat there all embarrassed, while they both had fun looking and touching my t*** and p**** and never got the pictures back. Ended up forced into have oral s** with both of them almost every week. Did because I was more scared of people finding out than I was about having s**.

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  • What is it with younger brothers anyway?
    Last year I was out in the back yard sunbathing in my new string bikini and Larry MY YOUNGER BRO DUMPED A GLASS OF ICE WATER ON MY BACK I SCREAMED AND JUMPED UP AT THE SAME TIME AND MY TOP FELL TO THE GROUND exposing my 35B b****** for all to see and all the time he was taking a video of what was happening and make prints of good shots and place then around my school if I didn't do what he said even said he would show them to our neighbor who's 22 and twins that are 20 on the other side of our house. Gads to be blackmailed by a younger brother and what is it I have to do to get the tape?
    Three days later I found out. I was sun bathing again and yes I had my top untied and I fell asleep and I was woken up feeling a feather being drug across my back and my bottoms was untied as well and the feather was going down my butt crack I started to turn around and I was told by my bro to lie still and take what's coming to me. The feather found spots on me I was unaware of that excited me and when he had me turn over I did so without resisting and there I layed for the whole world to see if they wanted to and I didn't care.
    When Jerry started in circling my b****** and my nipples I started to squirm and when he took a nipple into his moth I took hold of his head and told him to suck harder and he did then to nibble on my nipples with his teeth and he did perfectly now I was his to do with what her wanted and he took advantage of the opportunity too. He had me give him a BJ to start with but stopping before he came then he f***** me three times and all the time he had me going by playing with my nipples and for a 14 year old he has a decent c*** 6 inches I guess which now he was spanking my lower parts with it making me raise my hips to him then he tried to go between my legs and I kept them closed and he told me if I didn't do what he wanted the video remember F*** ya that's what you're gonna get now.

  • Don't believe a word write one that is real dumbo

  • Is this true. I am going to comment on the assumption it is true. If it is then girl you have some serious emotional stuff to deal with. It will haunt you your whole life. You will ask yourself could you should you have stood up to them. You will question yourself and blame yourself. You will blame them and blame yourself and blame your parents.

    Could it be true. Yes. Because something similar happened to me. I so wanted to be in the "in group". The queen bee started by sitting beside me in class. She would right in class run her hand up under my skirt. She would allocate other kids to sit beside me or meet in the playground. Just fingers and control. She would tell me what to wear and if I did not do it or if I did not let them finger me then she would tell everyone to ignore me. Simple as that but devastating. To be not spoken to at all. Not one single word from any girl and the only words from boys included the word finger in every sentence.

  • I hope their wore condoms at least. The rest I guess was just plain f****** fun, because I sure you must have enjoyed twice as much than with just one boy.

  • Wow your a dumb girl , why not go to your parents and tell them .. Sounds like u got what you deserve HO

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