I am So p***** at Girls

I want to get this out of me. I have become a true Misogynist because you girls are two faced, All girls say they want a nice, kind and understanding guy But still 90% of the guys you go for are jerks. And Even if you do get a nice, kind guy you underestimate him and throw tantrums for no reason at all. Oh ! you maybe thinking that this guy never got any sexual contact from women thats why he is rambling all this stuff. YOU ARE RIGHT B****** and I am proud that I never had a girlfriend or put my p**** in your venomous tracts called v*****'s. MY Hatred is 50% observation and 50% experiences. Girls love to crush guys feelings but will lick a puppy. You are so ambitious in your head, oh I want these shoes and those dresses, I can say that 90% of you want your poor guy ( May their soul rest in peace) to literally die for them. Fun Fact- only No 17 in top 20 women billionaire is self made, rest got from their parents or spouse. You are so evil inside that you torture other psychologically ( reason my dad is a heart patient) we men may kill but that is under influence of adrenaline but you plan to are so sophisticated that even God is afraid of that negativity

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  • Trust me buddy no girl is dumb enough to let you stick your c*** in her anyway

  • First of all not all women are whores am i a w****? No im still a virgin.

  • All women are whores. Why even get married knowing your potential wife could have had numerous d**** inside her before you. That is some nasty s*** right there. F****** s****, whores, and gold digers they are!

  • Incels are so adorable, the way they let all their frustration and bitterness come seeping out through what they think sound like words of experience. It's so sad and transparent, though.

    If you're that tired of using your right hand, switch to your left. Your sorry-ass DNA won't be making it into the gene pool, so just accept that and eat your chicken fingers!

  • I must first point out that I'm not trying to demonize you, considering that there are a large majority of women that are like this, but generalizing every single one is a bit silly. A good majority of women are unfortunately like you describe, at least from my american viewpoint, though. What you see in the media likely affects this and it certainly promotes it. I'm admitedly ignorant of other cultures, but the West really seems to have an issue with self-rightous women that want to break the opposite s**. The worst part are things like feminism consistently do this while claiming it's men that want to break the opposite s**. Lies, misdirection and hypocrisy.

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