I want to ** a man 65+

I am 22 years old and I want to ** an old man over the age of 65. I would love to sit in their face and just go crazy! It's always been a fantasy of mine and I watch a lot of ** with old men in it. It's hard to find a man around my area that would agree to do this.

Aug 6, 2014

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  • Hey! let me tell you there's plenty of old ** men out there just waiting (or should that be praying) for a chance to have ** with a younger woman.
    I'm 29 and married to a 31 year old very loving guy, but I love having ** with old men. Lucky for me, my work brings me in to daily contact with older people. One of my lovers is 68 and a widower, I get to see him once every two weeks. He's in fantastic shape for his age always randy and very very good in bed.
    I can recommend ball room dancing, the men will be fighting
    to get a dance with you. These gentlemen tend to be actively fit, and you are in a perfect setting to flirt, and gauge their reaction by pressing your body against his.

  • So as a 22yr old girl you can't find an old to talk to? They should be everywhere! Walk up to one, say hi! and have a conversation. If it seems right you can bring the conversation around to what you want, if not walk away. How hard is that? The old men aren't going to approach you and risk be called a pervert.

  • Just do what I did.
    I didn't know I was attracted to older men until I did carers training in a retirement village here in North west England
    Part of my training was therapeutic massage and as an eighteen year old student I was surprised how many older guys would be aroused during massage.
    The first guy asked me to take care of his ** for him and after that, word seemed to spread
    I managed to supplement my income by performing my extras for them.
    Happy times.

  • Did you ** then or just ** them off and how much did you charge?

  • Lets do it

  • "It's hard to find a man around my area that would agree to do this"

    Do you live in an all gay community? How can you not find an old guy that wants to eat 22 year old **?! Crazy!

  • Lol no, but finding someone open to it....like I don't expect a guy to just come up to me and say "hey, let's **!" lol

  • Been there, done that, and I have to say it's pretty awesome! Good luck!

  • You need to talk to me tomwoodman99@hotmail.com
    Your fantasy is my fantasy. Let's get together.

  • Where r u from?

  • Go to a nursing home ...lol

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