I fantasize having s** with other guys

I am 19 years old and i just lost my virginity last year when i was 18... i have a boyfriend now and he was my second... were in a relationship now for over 9 months he's 26 years old and he's f****** me everyday... but still i can feel something missing and fantasize about other guys... maybe because knowing that he f***** alot of girls... and had a lot of women in the past.....

Aug 10, 2014

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  • The reason you feel this way is precisely because he was your second. If he was your first, you wouldn't be fantasizing. Dumb b****, this is why you're supposed to keep your virginity until you get married. SIGH another stupid virgin-turned-w****, millions upon millions.

  • Chances are he has not reached the mental idea you have of the great lover. I was a better lover at 35 and 45 than I was at 25. I started with middle aged women when I was a young teen. Most men take years to become good lovers. You as well will become better in all ways with age.
    Give it time and tell him what you like, also take control now and then. It helps him understand what you do like. Some mental note taking on his part would be nice. Same for you.

  • Is he the jealous type? Does he have fantasies himself? I'd ask him, I'm a guy and have fantasies of my gf f****** other guys.

  • Because you are a disgusting cuck.

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