Fantasy....sort of

Umm so I don't know how to go about saying this but to start off in a 16 year old female. I've been dealing with a dude on and off since I was 15 but we never had s**. Both of us aren't virgins however. He is currently 18 and graduated. He leaves this month and we planned to meet up before he leaves. I want to f*** him so bad its unbelievable. One of my fantasies is one day I go to take a shower and leave him alone for a minute. Then he comes to watch me as I bathe sexy then he pulls me out the shower and we start kissing then I pull him toward the couch where i sit on his lap and start to kiss and jack him off at the same time. By then I'm wet as f*** so i insert his d*** in my p**** and start riding the f*** out him til he nuts. This really isn't a fantasy cuz its supposed to happen soon this is just what I hope it goes like. I want it to be a good going away for now present.

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