Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever once been satisfied by the man about to be my ex-husband. I faked every single o***** I ever had in bed with him to keep his ego in tact, and I'm so relieved that I never have to be in bed with him again.

He had it all: impatience, small p****, lack of knowledge only exacerbated by watching bad p***.

I am so happy that I'll never have to sleep with him again.

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  • Why did you waste dudes time getting married knowing that he couldnt get you off? What a waste of precious time.

  • OK that's not bad advice from the first comment, however, I am a man, and I LOVE to make my women c**!!!
    First I start with very gentle kisses on the mouth, cheek, ear and neck area while I very lightly run my fingertips along her naked body from shoulders to knees...the kind that gives her goosebumps under the sheets.
    She will slowly part her legs when she is ready. And then I start kissing my way down to her v*****, not skipping the t***, but that's like stopping for milk on the way home. I just like to make the nipple erect so I can roll them between my fingertips once my mouth is down below.
    I go around the v***** slowly and methodically with my mouth, making love to the outside of it before I even give her c*** my first warm lick.
    My point is that it is the man's job to know what the h*** he's doing and put some effort into knowing what your woman enjoys! She doesn't have to tell you anything!!!
    Any comments? rct703 at gmail

  • Why fake the s** it's your fault for not being honest with his s** act.
    I had to show my husband what I like and what I don't like they are not mind readers and every woman is different in what turns her on . Next man your with tell him what you want and not be a fake or the s** will be bad again.

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