Daughter's Nude Photos on my Computer

When I sat down at my computer today, I found that it was in sleep mode. When it came up the "Pictures" folder was open and I was shocked to see about a dozen nude photos of my 18 year old daughter, including several close ups of her p**** and b******. All of the photos appeared to be selfies that she had recently taken with her iPhone, but the most disturbing things I found were several photos she had secretly taken of me while I was in the bathroom shaving after a shower. I don't know if I should confront her, inform my wife or just leave it alone.

Aug 11, 2014

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  • I felt envy the first time I saw an adult magazine. I felt like I wanted EVERY male on the planet to see me nude, except my parents and family. My Dad seeing them was my biggest dread. Anyways, after that, any time a boyfriend wanted to snap private photos of me I was willing. I'd make them swear to never show anyone else and stuff but the truth was I was eager to believe that they were showing them off. Years later, my husband and I have some hard times and have to move in with my parents for a while. After we've moved out again my Dad shows up at our new place and has a small box. I look in it and it is our private photo collection of me. He says we left it behind when we moved out. I smile and thank him. As he leaves I notice that I'm NOT embarrassed. OMG! My biggest fear was for nothing!

  • I'd day confront her it will be in the nest of both of your intetest. She will get what she wants and you will get what you want. Go for it๐Ÿ‘

  • Just confront ur daughter like adults. Always remember that before she is your daughter she is a young woman. Do not shout at her. Respect her feelings for u even if it may not sound decent to you. It is a period when all boys and girls have infatuation for their parents. It is quite normal nothing. Your daughter may have done it bit more by putting her nude closeup with yours but really nothing to worry. This is just a temporary phase. Speak with her one to one. Tell her the danger of getting the photos into wrong hands. Here u have to be very diplomatic. Just uttering good words might not work. Try adoring her wonderful body. This will surely make her pay more attention your words. And say that u r already commited to her mom & your daughter would not like her mother to get abondon. Give her a kiss on her forehead or chicks or bend down on one of your knees & kiss her hand & say this was for your best friend. This will ease her from the raging idea of love making with you. Do something funny & make her laugh. Occationally take her to family outing. Here u have to be her friend 1st than her father. She needs close friends with whom she can share everything. Be that friend. That can be a bit uncomfortable for you but you need to respond to the crisis soon . Do not treat her like an alien & do not let her mother know about it. It will unnecessarily create tension from all ends. Remember that she is your daughter and not son. So you need to hush things up rather going public. I have seen lot of post & true confessions where the son has expressed the desire to f*** his own mom shamelessly saying that he is qurious to dig the hole deep from where he has come out in this world. To my utter surprise these posts got the maximum number of likes & lot of comments in favour of those perverts

  • Have you asked your self why she put those photos of herself nude, it was for you to find, also you in the shower, she left your pc in sleep mode for you to find the photos, wake up man, she wants you to confront her, she wants you f*** her, I can not believe you are so dumb, decide what you want to do

  • We r taking about the future of a girl who got confused temporarily. Plz do not provoke her dad to see her daughter with lustful eyes & try to ruin their relationship.

  • Leave it alone. You don't really want to go down that road and see what's at the end of it.

  • This is how your next confession should read: "I found these naked pix of my daughter that she left on my computer so I went and f***** her. Then I f***** her again. And then again. And it was all so good that I'm not going to stop f****** her. Not ever."

  • Good idea

  • Two years ago a group of upperclass students at my daughter's high school posted on Facebook a "Best" list of all the students, grade by grade. The first part was harmless, like "Best Athlete", "Best Dancer", "Best Grades", and so forth. But the last half was ugly and personal, and it announced that this one girl had the "Best Booty", my daughter's best friend had the "Best Nipples", and my daughter, "Best B.J.". Facebook took it down after dozens of parent complaints, and the school suspended those responsible (to the extent they could tell who was involved), but I have wondered ever since then how a 10th grader could have gotten that sort of reputation . . . and who - and how many - would know about her having that skill, if she even had it?? She told her mother and me that she'd never given a B.J. to anybody, and that what seemed to be the mean part of the list was just supposed to be ironic (like the exact opposite of what they were saying) and was intended to be a joke, and EVERYbody at the school knew that. I can't prove otherwise, so I guess I have to accept that, but I think our children are often a mystery, especially to their parents. And I totally understand your predicament and your fear: these kids may look a certain way, and yet they can be something totally different. Totally different. I hope your daughter is just experimenting or something else that's not worrisome, but you do need to talk with her. She may not tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, but you may find out something that helps put the situation in a perspective that's more positive than how it appears now, which is that an 18yo woman wants you to see her naked body . . . and wants you to react.

  • I agree sounds fake

  • I don't think it's fake. My daughter did the same thing at her age (16). I had long been divorced from her Mother and my daughter would spend weekends with me. She was into photography so on her 16th birthday I gave her a digital camera. This was when camera's were just making the change from film to digital (15 years ago). One weekend I had to be mostly gone for work so my daughter was home alone all day. After she had gone back to her Mother's for the week I was on my computer and noticed some new downloaded photo's. They were of my daughter in the bathroom mirror naked. She was doing all sorts of different poses (more like to see how her body looked at different angles). She had never made any overtures of wanting to have s** with me, and I didn't take it that way. I think she had just forgotten to delete them. When I next talked to her by phone, I told her I had found them and deleted them (which I did). I told her that in this day and age of child abuse on everyone's mind it could have gotten me in big trouble if I had a problem and had sent my computer out to be looked at. She understood and I let it go at that. Fast forward 5 years and she does it again. But now she is 21. I think, no accident, but I delete them anyway. That was 12 years ago and so far, no recurrence.

  • Its obvious to me that your daughter has come of age and perfectly aware of what she is doing in taking the pictures of both herself and you also by the sounds of it she is attracted to you and possibly finds you arousing alot of girls enjoy the fantasy of forbidden s** with their father figure ie you also i would beware informing your wife as you don't want your wife alienating your own daughter i would advise talking to your daughter adult to adult not treating her as a child as she most definitely isn't one anymore and it is quite possible she left the computer set up for you to find like that to see her naked so she could see your reaction talk to her about ask her if she wants you and why

  • She is 18, she may be your child but she's an adult. But maybe she should know that her private photos shouldn't be uploaded to the cloud for EVERYONE to see. Tell your wife and tell your daughter directly not to take photos of you in the nude is an invasion of your privacy and really pretty strange. Who takes photos of their dad in the nude? Have her delete those photos immediately.

  • She's an adult. Share us the photos for authenticity.

  • Yes, send us ALL those pix.

  • You need to sit down with your wife first and tell her what you saw . then you both need to talk to your daughter and ask her why she is taking pictures of you and pictures of herself . Dose she not know that putting nude pictures of herself and you can cause problems if it get's into the wrong hands like your boss or if she is going to collage , jobs ?

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