Damn it

I think i love an adorable little dork. He is short, sweet, a gentle man. I am flustered because all i think about is him. I want to hug and kiss and cuddle him. I remember the whole night just being able to dance with him all night, his voice his smile, the way he grabbed my hip to lead me like i could fall and know he was there to keep me up. Every thing he has said to me i remember like a replay of an amazing moments that make me smile like a fool. Worth the months wait just to be able to see him again, and hold his hand dancing to legend of zelda music, and anime music. I wish a 3 1/2 year difference wouldn't mean as much to be able, but it seems one thing getting in the way to being able to be with him. Everything about him us beautiful from his physical appearance of perfect hair, stunning eyes, and cute style to his personality being so polite with a great interest in shows, music and life, with also being awkwardly funny. Why does he have to be perfect.
Im so done with how perfect he is, everyone saying he is cute, hot and adorable. Everyone wants him and i want him for myself. People took picture with him saying they want his number and wants to make out with him, it make me wonder if he has asked other girls for their numbers at cons or I'm that one that he did and and he actually likes me. Well obviously he liked me when he asked me but i still don't want to be just friends i want to be best friends with the cutie. I wonder if other girls text him like i do or if he only texts me like this. You never really know if a person is flirting with a lot other girls, i wish it was just me and he is debating asking me out. I just like that even after 6 months he dated no one and still wanted to dance with me, learned to dance for me, gave me his fake rose like a gentlemen. He is flirty with me and I'm so confused on what he feels about me. Really is age what could be stopping him from asking me out. Im just so confused and want answers, well not really i want to be with him. I could be with him and not know anything of this and wouldn't care.

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