Counted the no of p****** to my credit

I am 38 and today I counted how many p****** I've f***** till this day. The number is 35. How old are you and how many different partners have you had? Include your one-times too, but proper f**** :-D

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  • I'm a 26 year old woman and I've been with at least 77 different men. I get checked regularly and I'm still squeaky clean ^_^ . And most of those men are over 40. Each time I've been with a man I've made them c** inside me. Best feeling in the world. It will be 78 men as of tomorrow.

  • 56 y/o former musician here , started counting when I turned 22......been with 19,794 females of all ages, races and nationalities......
    Only f***** 7,958 of those women/girls.....the rest just sucked me off.
    As a popular band member, we had groupies in every state and numerous countries we played and performed in.......
    For years , I made sure that I got sucked by 5 different females every single day when I hit a city or was very easy because the groupies would throw themselves at you......
    Lots of memories.........(lol)

  • 34 white male (straight) and have been with 24 women
    Of those:

    I had one four-some w/ three women

    2-3 three-somes w/ two women

    The rest were singular. those were some crazy days. I had s** with 6 different women in about a 10 day period after about 10 years ago after my ex broke up with me, I was so sad that I went after all of them I saw at parties and stuff. that night that my ex dumped me (BTW - my ex was BEAUTIFUL. I mean everyone says that on these sites, but she really was. tall and thin and beautiful face) - so yeah that one hurt. been in another relationship for 4 years now and its almost over, and I haven't been with anyone in 6 months even though we live together. I forget what it feels like..

  • 47 year old woman. I have been with 4 women, and 122 men.

  • I'm 34, not sure exactly, but maybe 75 or so - have read a couple other dudes below, kind of the same thing here, I started really young. just turned 12 - there was a trailer park near where I lived, there were these 2 dudes that were neighbors (this would have them locked up now, but there was no way any of us were gonna tell anyone, we were really young & getting p****, so we kept our mouths shut, haha)- every couple weeks or so they'd get wasted drunk & let us drink too, they'd have their "friends" come over, realized later in life they were just cheap hookers, ha, but they'd start messing around with the chicks that were there, have them come over and give us hand jobs down our pants at first, then they'd all out get blow jobs while we watched, we'd j*** off or the chicks would j*** us off & went on like that for a while, maybe a couple months,(thinking back about those 2 guys, one was like mid-20 & the other dude was maybe 30 or so, was for sure a weird situation, 'cause the 3 of us boys that hung out there were 12 & 13) until one day when we got there after school, those 2 were already f****** the living s*** out of 2 chicks when we walked in. They said it was finally time, they made the chicks give us head, sit on our boners, do pretty much everything the 2 olders guys were - there was a weekend when we told our parents we were all spending the night at our other friend's house & we pretty much just camped out at the dude's trailer, watching p*** for 3 days, f****** the s*** out of the chicks (for sure hookers, 5 of us altogether, 2 of the older dudes, and 3 of us kids), taking turns, altogether, getting drunk & stoned, pretty much whenever any of us got hard we'd have these chicks do anything we wanted, was pretty awesome for about a year & a half or so, they moved or something - whenever the 3 of us are alone we talk about it still. So probably f***** 20 girls before I even turned 17, then the rest would be after I was old enough.

  • Bare backing is sexy but very very risky. S** is fun but diseases aren't. Be f****** around but not such and unwell. S** is the most wonderful thing Gods made. Love it.

  • Got my first p**** before age 12. When a cousin forced me to stick my cousin (his sister) to prevent me from telling. She was not 12 either, but he had forced her open and been f****** her for a long time. I actually penetrated her at that age and she enjoyed it. I watched him make her o*****.
    By 12 the woman next door had me over and had me do her. That went on for many years. I was her s** toy. She did not like it when her daughter wanted some and got it. But she did not stop me s******* her.
    A number of girls in the area including a 60 something woman next door. She left me the house the car and money in the bank. I serviced her for five or so years.
    Bar s**** including some married women. Two I got pregnant. I had a problem with condoms and wanting to feel her inside. So I ripped the tip and pulled it back.
    I married a virgin and that did not work so well. We divorced and I moved into an apartment near work. Screwed a lot of women of the city. one of the best pieces was a much older black woman. Martha loved the attn. and the s**. Treid her daughter out after her. Martha was best.
    Have done black girls young and old, white and others races. No race is better than others.
    One young black girl approached me at a store. Ask if I wanted to buy s**. I was her first customer and it was clear she had no idea what to do. She did have good p**** and could take me. I did her many times before I worried about disease and quit.

  • There isn't a girl who's only blown and not F***** me. I first F*** and then make them sick it. 33 girls in all... 1 F***** in her ass too. Am 38 :-)

    This is a sexy post... confessions in response are even better a fun.

  • 57yr male lost my virginity at 14. I've had a total of 19 different women (proper f****;-) 5 or 6 handjobs (one sitting on a bar stool in a texas saloon) from different women and 3 or 4 bj's (different from the 19). lots of those 19 I screwed several times over many years, but I think you only want us to count them once, right? Had numerous encounters playing with t****** and p****** that didn't end in s**, and some of that was before the age of 14.

  • I am a C*** crazy 30 yrs old hot girl. I've had 32 men pound my p**** out of which 19 have been the virgins. I trained them to F*** world class and I've kept most of them. They tried other chicks but come back for the best. I hand pick them always...

  • I am a single male of 44. I have had full s** with 42 women. Included in that number were four threesomes with couples. I have no idea how many I gave only oral; at least four. Two of those were part of a threesome with other married couples. I am not into guys now but did play with my best friend during puberty a bunch of times. I have done two pre op passable shemales and really enjoyed it. Most all have come from too much time on the internet and 6 serious girlfriends.

  • 49 year old black male. Started f****** when I was 18. I have been lucky to bed 356 women and counting.They been married,single,divorced,many different races and nationalities.It averages out to 11.5 women a year.

  • 23 yo bi gal. 8 guys. 2 in my butt. 12 gals. Love to eat P**** while someone is f****** my uterus deep and merciless. Dine that twice and looking for more...

  • 35 year old married woman
    F***** 6 guys, 1 woman
    BJ - 8 guys
    HJ - 14 guys

  • 30 yrs F. Had 12 guys and 5 girls. Of which one was an orgy between 3 guys and 3 girls. U do want to do it again. Lol

  • F*** lady I want to slide my fat c*** into you

  • I'm a 48 y.o. male. I lost track of how many women I've f*****, probably 55 to 60. Also been with several guys (let them suck my d***).

  • I am 45 year old woman
    f***** 1 guy
    BJ - 2 Guys
    F*****- 2 woman

  • 18. Had 2 girls so far. Love your post

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