Mother in law s**

I as well would live to f*** my mother in law she is nothing special so I don't get it but I have a carnal l*** to f*** her fir ten years I've tried to think of a way to get that p**** i mean I would do anything it drives me crazy to think of me inside her 63 year old p**** that no mans been in fifteen years I've seen it by accident and god does it look tight and her little b cup t****** ohhhh her sexy hips god what do I do......

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  • Ever since my 62 year old MIL caught me sniffing her dirty knickers she has her way with me whenever she feels like it. Any time the wife is at work my MIL will strut about the house in her knickers only and order me to w*** myself in front of her. I've done this for so long now I don't know if I can tell my wife.

  • I have been banging mine for over 10 years.She,s a dirty old w**** who cant get enough c*** in her mouth.I sometimes f*** her then go home and get my wife to suck me off.It makes me hard watching her suck her moms juice of my c***.

  • I never f***** my own mother-in-law, but I did f*** my sister's mother-in-law for about three years until I wore the b****'s p**** and ass out. She couldn't take any more, but she was happy while we were f******. The b**** was a f****** animal.....never seen anything like this b****. H**** as h*** like 24/7. Damn, I miss hammering that b****!

  • After my brother married I took his MIL home after. she was not wanting to be alone. I had danced with her and she rubbed her self all over my leg. I f***** her so hard I hut her hip. She rolled over and I went in from the back side. She had some great p****. had not had any in 12 years. I broke her back open. Went back a few times,. no one knew it

  • i had a mother-in-law once upon a time that gave me an uncontrollable erection every time i went around her. problem was, she never gave me any p**** (even though i asked frequently).

  • If you're really asking what you should you really have to ask? :)

  • Shoot her then f*** the corpse motherinlawfucker. It'll be like a c*** f****** a c***.

  • ^is that what you did?

  • I'm with you bro, my mother-in-law is a hot piece of ass and I want her every day.

  • my m-i-l was 51 when we started our affair and it lasted for almost eight years before her husband (my f-i-l) became ill and needed so much attention that she wasnt able to continue it. but while it lasted it was AMAZING. the s** was the hottest and filthiest i have ever had in my life! i say you should totally go for it. ya gotta start tappin that ass.

  • Disgusting........

  • Ever think the reason your desire is so strong is because deep down inside you no you can't tap that so it make you want it even more ?

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