I f***** a married man

I f***** a married man on Tuesday and I became his girlfriend he said his wife don't give him non and she have some kind of health problems and now I am his girl and his wife don'know

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  • That never works out good. I'm sure you can find someone single.

  • I love what you're doing. There's a married man I know that I would love to be f****** regularly, but I can't seem to bring myself to cheat on my husband with him. Makes me sad to be so backward....

  • You love what she's doing? You love to be f**king him regularly? Can't bring yourself to do it. What's wrong with you? Remember this line, forsaken all others. Your married damn it. The only thing backwards is your thinking.

  • Do you know the wife? Are the two of you friends?

  • If she's sick and can't f***, you should be able to take him from her.......if you want that, of course. Just f*** him -- really, really hard -- every chance you have.

  • Shut up!

  • You sound soooooooo sexy.......your guy is a very lucky man.

  • Yeah. Lucky to be married to a wanna be cheater. Very lucky.

  • I wouldn't like to have a friend like you...

  • Person above me. Your damn right.

  • Yes, I agree. F*** him as often as you can. And as often as he can get away from his wife. F*** him every day if that's possible.

  • Cheating is nothing anymore. Everybody does that.

  • really....dont be so serious. enjoy being his girl and f*** him as often as you can.

  • No biggie. This kind of thing happens every day. Every single day. Enjoy your relationship with this man, have much s** with him, let him please and satisfy you. Don't take it too seriously or allow yourself to fall in love. If his wife was taking care of him he wouldn't have come to you. See him as often as you like, but don't invest too much in it. Keep things light and happy, and he'll always come back . . . until you find somebody you like better or want more, and then you can dump him.

  • Find a man of your own !
    Damn there is a s*** load of them out there . Besides what kind of man cheats on his sick wife , if I was a betting man he is using that to make you feel bad and yup for fell for it hook , line and sink !
    He is playing you until he find a new f***

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