I have a small p****

I always thought my p**** was adequate. I never had any complaints. I have been married for over ten years and our s** life isn't what it used to be. To make a long story short, my wife bought a d****, 8 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. I am just under 6 inches long and 1 3/4 in diameter. She really enjoys it. I mean really really enjoys it. She can come in less than a minute with it. I f*** her for 30-40 minutes and she can't come unless she's on top. Anyways I talked her into letting me film her giving me a b*******. What a shocker. To see my little p**** on film was such a disappointment to me. I erased the video because I am so ashamed. I have a little p****

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  • S** is in the head just so u twats know....ur all being cheated on lololol

  • Op here. These guys don't bother me it's funny as h*** because they probably have even smaller d**** than me. And as for my wife enjoying her toy, h*** I know I would enjoy a nice tight new p****. Im not too worried about it. Just guess I got a little envious.

  • Cuckolding: the treating of a husband like an insignificant being and allowing the wife to have s** with other men. The husband totally obeys the wife, is generally an active participant, and enjoys the humilition. The use of 'safe words' can be employed as in other fetishes to allow the participants to know that they've crossed a certain line that wasn't agreeable, in which case the act stops, the terms are re-discussed, and usually continues afterwards"

  • That last comment was mine but I'm not done, If I met that p**** that posted that awful comment I'd kill him. Maybe cut a limb off, look over at you once in a while, and tell you that you have to pay for what comes out of the S*** whole you call a mouth. You're one f***** up dude. Either die or go to prison for the sake of us all.

  • To everyone bashing the dude from below, It's called "cuckolding", it's a fetish - men that like to be ashamed of their d**** (it doesn't have to be because it's small, it's more about the humiliation factor, there's ALOT of it on p*** sites) - no man in the world says they have a small p**** even if it is, and even on a confession site - would almost guarantee the original man posting was on the other end of that, 100% of the time, it's the husband wanting to be "cuckolded", told he has a shameful little p****, that he's a really bad lay, that his wife deserves better, etc etc etc - there's alot of fetishes these days, this is one of them - think of a dominatrix (not into any of this BTW, just know about it, and I watch p***) with her heel dug into a man's back, telling him how worthless he is, what a dog he is, to lick her boot, to crawl around like a worm, that kind of thing, only it's another man telling the other man (the husband) while he has s** with his wife. There's alot of fetishes on this site, and it's hard to tell what's what. so not really defending anyone necessarily, just letting you know what's probably going on - plus not sure why if you were so against the "cruelty" factor that the guy was spouting about (assuming it really was a guy, there's women into it too), that you threw some pretty good hate out there yourself, glass houses & all that.

  • You bastards are so cruel, Jesus crist that comment by that first a******.
    He has some serious mental problems and I think he's mixing violence and s**. If your wife likes it any woman could, she's not unique. Just chill about it bud. Think of something more serious like the government or something.

  • Tell you what buddy, I have a really big p**** (not kidding, alot of men say it, but I really do, am amazing at s**, can go forever, and start allover again really fast), so if your wife was here and was hot, I'd bend her over, slide my big b**** up inside her while you rubbed on your worthless little d***. Might look over at you once in a while and tell you how small yours is, grab your wife's hair, pull her head in your direction, tell her what a w**** she is, slam my big d*** in her wet p****, and make her tell you what a f****** lame little d*** you have compared to mine. Then after I blast a big load up inside her, would laugh at you until I got hard again & we'd start allover. Men with little d**** are useless to women, men like me are all they want, and glad you know that 'cause it's good to face the truth - you should get a real man over there to take care of her instead of that lameass toy she's using.

  • If it makes you feel any better you're pretty much average.

  • F*** that, no he's not, he's a lame little dicked dude, and his wife should be getting plowed by a real man, with a real d***.

  • Awww I bet it's cute :)

  • Man,f*** you

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