Ex BF made me a s***

I was on vacation back in my country and was going to meet my Ex BF. We planned to meet at 5pm. He picked me up from a Mall, as I told hubby that I am going to go shopping with some school friends and then may be a movie. He has a pick-up van. He drove for about 30 mins looking for a spot but due to long weekend in south Africa all the spots were busy. All this time I was under impression that he will take me to some hotel room and we will have s**. It got dark now, and we finally found a place. He stopped at a place by road side, asked me to at the back seat, he started kissing me and took my top off. He started sucking my b**** like there is no tomorrow. Then we saw some cars coming to our direction, so he jumped in the drivers seat, leaving my half naked at the back and drove the car again. After driving me naked for almost another 30 mins, as he had my top in the front. He found yet another spot and stopped by the beach front, came at the back, opened the back door, climbed inside, wore his condom, pulled my pant and underwear, now im completely naked on his back seat. My right leg was hanging down the floor of the van and the other one in his hand. Without any emotions he pushed his hard d*** inside me and started f****** me deep and hard with lots of bum movements. Squeezing my b**** very hard while f****** me in the back of the Van, he continued this for a very long time I think I came while he was f****** me. He gave me pain in my groin and after a very long road side f****** he made a grunt and came. He was sweating and went out of the Van. Throwing his condom on the road, he jumped in the front of the Van and started driving. Leaving me naked at the back of the Van, I got dressed myself and jumped in the front while he drove. He used me like this for about 5 hours. Then later in the night he dropped me outside my house. He did not even care for buying a dinner for me a asked me for a bottle of water I had met him after almost 20 years and was hoping a decent hotel room, but I was treated like a cheap road side w**** who just got dropped outside the house after a very cheap, and raw f******. He knows that I am a very reputable lawyer back in my country, yet on that day I was just his w**** that got f***** at the back of the seat on a dirty road.

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  • Love Cheating wives

  • If i was your Ex, i would have come inside you and made you pregnant.
    Then 9 months down, you would have my baby

  • You were a s*** and a w**** before you even tried to hook up with your ex, otherwise you wouldn't have tried that. Those urges were already inside you. Don't blame your ex. Go look in the mirror.

  • You insulted your husband. Why are you complaining?

  • What you did -- and what he did to you -- doesn't make you a s***. You're just a woman like the rest of us who finally discovered that men are giant shitbags walking the earth on two legs. They may LOOK like humans, but they are NOT humans.

  • I'm very sorry this happened to you, and I'm sorry for all the ugly responses you've gotten, all of which were undeserved. The only upside to all of this is that you learned a valuable lesson, and you learned it without serious injury and without damage to your marriage or reputation: it could have been far worse. The lesson is that we can't go back to the past. I think you must have been thrilled and aroused by the possibility of reconnecting with the ex, and must have hoped that what would happen would be romantic and beautiful, and that a spark would be reignited. Instead, you got use and abuse, and a horror that you won't soon forget. I'm sorry that man deprived you of the potential pleasure that the night could have been, and I'm sorry he hurt you. We live, we learn, and you certainly learned the hard way that the past must stay in the past: attempting to bring it into the present (or the future) doesn't often end well. I wish you well.

  • Warm :) (its me)

  • She CHEATED on her husband. Are you f****** kidding me right now? Undeserved? Really?

  • No, I'm not kidding you, not right now, or ever. And yes, the treatment she got -- and all the mindless moralizing that her post has generated in reply -- was totally undeserved. Yes.......REALLY.

  • When are you in cape town?

  • Durban

  • You just are a w****, sorry. Take responsibility for your own actions.

  • You made yourself a s***. Own your part in this. No where in your post did you say No, or push him away, or tell him what you wanted. For a reputable lawyer, you don't even stand up for yourself. You cheated on your husband..willingly. You let your ex f*** you in the back of car. Sounds like you were more than willing. What did you think was going to really happen?

  • Right? OP is an idiot.

  • So you're married and b******* about the fact that you EX-boyfriend used you like a w****. You were cheating on your husband, dumbass. This was not a date.

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