Virgin L***

I am a virgin and I want to have s** with a special guy...but I DON'T want my first time to be wasted on bad s**. Lately I've been falling for this guy who has a fiance but I want him soooo bad. I want him inside me. Most guys don't like having s** with virgins but this guy is totally turned on by the fact that I havnt had a man penetrate me yet...

Aug 24, 2014

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  • When i decided to lose my virginity at 15 i wanted it to be special and not just a cheap thing.All of my friends were non virgins and had told me about their deflowerings at parties,etc.and they all said it wasnt 'special' or meaningful,just a one night hook up and that was it!My bestie,Jennie,agreed that she would help me lose my virginity,so i felt at ease knowing she would be there.Her and i talked about it and i told her that i wanted to be like a "bride" on my wedding night! We talked about how i could pull it off when she told me that since she had made her First Holy Communion a year ago at 14,that i could wear her communion outfit!So i told my boyfriend,Todd who was 16,of my desire to be deflowered and he agreed.The next weekend,jennie's parents had to go out of town,so i would stay with her.I had told Todd to be at her house at 8 pm sharp saturday night.That saturday night,around 6 pm,i took a shower then Jennie got her first communion outfit out of the box.She took out her cloth diaper and helped pin it on me ,then i put the white plastic pants on over it,followed by the tee shirt,then her poofy,above the knees dress and veil and last the lace socks and white shoes.I felt really special and cute in her outfit! Todd showed up at 8 pm and we started kissing,then he unzipped my communion dress,took it off of me and saw the diaper and plastic pants and got very aroused! He got me to my knees,thrust his p**** in my mouth and i sucked him off.Then after that,we went to Jennie's room,got on her bed and he removed my diaper and plastic pants and entered me slowly! I felt my hymen break and knew i was no longer virgin!

  • When i was 15,my girlfriend was 15 also and made her First Holy Communion also.When we were alone,i got her communion dress off of her and she got on her knees wearing only her veil,diaper and plastic pants and gave me a great b******!

  • You did your deflowering properly! Guys love it when a girl has a white dress and veil on with a diaper and plastic pants on under her dress! It means she is a true virgin,pure as a baby,and waiting to be deflowered!

  • Let me this right cause you can't be this STUPID !
    You want your first time to be with a guy who has a fiancé ?
    You don't want bad s** for the first time ?

    Do everyone a fav. and stay a Virgin your to dumb to f*** !

  • Let me tell you babe I think he is trying to set you up to split your little p****.
    Now don't be silly about it there is no reason why you should just let him split you. There is plenty of time to make a better choice. I'm a man and I'm telling you don't rush it what you have is special so don't waste it ok?

  • Not sure what you're talking about, 99% of men (me included) want a virgin as often as possible, and it never happens - you got some really bad info from someone about all that.

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