I f***** my roommate(s)

I f***** both my roommates...
So here's how it all started, I was looking for a roommate and I needed one ASAP because I was homeless for about a month from a previous long term breakup that obviously didn't end well.
A couple of friends of mine informed me that one of their friends was looking for a roommate so I met them the next day.
We hit it off, me and my two new roommates who turned out to be a couple.
Then me being a sexual deviant started to feel lonely and hit on the cute roomies.....
Bad idea....
I really liked them both and I know I really shouldn't have gotten involved but it ended up that the girl really liked me and he didn't have a problem with us doing stuff so we f***** after he went to bed one night. Then me and the guy ended up f****** too because there was a lot of sexual tension between us. She didn't know that we had hooked up.
First off, I didn't realize how badly I was digging my own grave and being a selfish devious b****.
Secondly, me and the guy had made a pretty dumb mistake by telling our mutual friend about the occurrence and so what happens?
Well our friend ends up telling her.
Fml... Out of a few friends AND a home.... What is wrong with me? Why didn't my conscience warn me?!?! Sometimes I just don't think about the consequences... Goddamnit. What do I do now? At this point I'm just freaking out. I hope somehow we can settle this and she doesn't hate me but I doubt that.

Aug 24, 2014

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  • I rented a room from craigs list. I worked in the area for 10 months and wanted mroe than a hotel. So I got a bedroom and the lady washed my clothes made my bed and cooked my meals. I paid her $150 per week plus dinner for her at a nice resturant. She had a relative living at her home, she helped her out. With in the frist three weeks she came to my room for s** and left after. Her relative did the same. Each trying to keep it from the other. In the last two months it was jut her and I. She kicked out her relative when she found her comign from my room. Holding her wet juice stained nighty between her legs.
    She did not want to share this at all.

  • You didn't do anything wrong.. I'd give you place to stay and you could share my fiance any time.. though f****** me you'd have to be more quiet about it! ;)

    Would love to find a roomie like you.

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