The first time I saw anyone doing it

I'm a major pervert for public stuff, have been into it since I was a kid. The first time I for sure remember was spending the night at a buddy's house when I was about 11, his parents were gone for the weekend but his older brother was old enough to keep an eye on us, I think we saw him once the whole time, haha. We stayed up way too late for kids & finally fell asleep, I woke up to loud noises, got up & walked down the hall & saw him f****** the living s*** out of some girl with his door cracked a little, I had no idea what he was doing to her or who she was, so I ran back to my friend's room, woke him up and told him I thought his brother was beating up some girl down the hall. He got up, we went down there & he looked in & told me "no, they're having s**, she likes it". I was still thinking WTF, never saw anything like that before, he was grunting & pounding her, could see his b**** slamming against her, she was screaming like crazy, he had her bent over the end of his bed, neither of them knew we were there, could see everything though. Like a p*** when the dude is doggy style f****** the chick, only live & in person. Once my buddy told me that, we stood there for a minute watching, of course everyday of my life I got boners a that age but not like this one, didn't really know what to do about it so I didn't tell my buddy (he DID tell me he was hard though, it was pretty obvious anyway). We went back to his room after another couple minutes, and he said when that happened usually he put his hand in his underwear, grabbed his h****** & rubbed it for a few minutes & it would go away, asked it I wanted to go back & watch some more, so we did. We both whipped out our d**** through our underwear & watched his brother jackhammer f*** this chick for easily 20 minutes, got h****** & off the whole time, we were too young to blast a load or anything, but felt really good anyway. So that was the beginning of it, since that day anyone's open curtains or blinds are fair game to me, if there's the slightest chance I'll catch people f****** (I have, MANY times BTW), it's hotter than real s** to me, and not even slightly guilty about it - when I'm f****** or getting a b*******, even jerking off, the world is my audience - without getting busted all the way, I make sure it feels like everyone's watching me, it's not really that way, always make sure nobody can see all the way, but the curtains are always open, the lights are on all the way 100% of the time. A few strategically placed things in front of the windows so nobody driving by can see in, and none of the neighbors can actually see in, so it's more or less safe, just like the feeling that someone is right up at the window watching, giving me a b**** even thinking about it.

Aug 25, 2014

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