Stealing girls panties

I am a 25 year old at hawaii. I was finishing up at the beach, and i headed for the shower post near the beach entrance. Now in hawaii many houses and hotels share the same beach. Right beside were i was, there was a house. I walked passed it and saw a girl. Being a natural guy, i wanted a better look. I backe up and facing the beach i saw two women suntanning. Not only were they suntanning, they were wearing thong bikinis. They look around 20 years old. One blonde and the other brunette. I couldnt see their faces but their body shape was sexy as h***. I also noticed one more thing. Now most houses in hawaii have like half their homes outside. So there was a laundry area outside. Hanging on a drying line i saw many articles of swimwear or panties. Also there was a hanging basket and some baskets on the ground. Being a panty thief, i knew i had to add to my collection. I waited but they never left. So decided to go with them there. I quietly opened the gate and left it open. I went over to the drying line first. I removed all of them and stuffed them in my bag. They were all swimwear. A neon green bikinis, white thong bikinis, blue bikinis, and white and blue striped gstring bikinis! I moved onto the basket. It was full of sport wear. Pretty much like 10 sport bras and some shorts. Of course i took them all. I was about to leave when i saw through the window, a laundry machine. I persuaded myself to go furthur then i ever had let alone the two girls outside. Nothing inside the washer or dryer made me mad. So i went for the prized drawer. I only found one room so i guess one was visiting. I saw pictures of a dirty blone everywhere so im pretty sure that the house belonged to the blonde. I didnt even look at what i took. I just grabbed alot of panties. I even took a picture of her for later

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  • I can only imagine a tanned blonde ass with meaty ass, cut high st the hips and slight blonde hair on her thighs, mmm

  • Oh god its so funny how bullying never mattered until a poorling darling assed British royal got bullied, but they don't tell you how they bullied people to get everything they wanted hey? funny that. only a royal can be bullied, others don't know bullying. yeh, right. you mean the rest of us just know how to grow up and take it and be told to get over it and they want to nappy changed at 30-70 and wet nursed and potty trained into their 40s unlike the rest of us common sense get on with the job mob. f*** I hate royals. please abolish them. they should be separate to state figure heads and just do what they do best and be sexual clothes hoists and celebrities and fade away ! they have no morals and integrity. they don't like you or commoners. they are the real beggars for mercy from commoners to keep them going and commoners don't want to anymore. Chelsea and Cressida ran from harry because he is a bully and stupid. enough said. they had sense. the royals are an embarrassment on the times and place and people and memory and occasion of the human condition in all times. bejeweled bespoke over poked criminals is all the royals in the UK are. rant over.

  • I have stolen 3ex'sdirty panties but th e gu i lt shame and self dis g ust ca used me to confess to all three. I told them they had the pow e r to pun ish me any w a y they wi s h e d and therewas nowt they c a n't do t o puni s h me a n d I had to carry o u t any puni s hment bestowed u p on me. At f i r s t all of t h em wer e discusted freaked outtold me to stop. But all of them s oon re a lised that they could make me do anything and I c ant s t op t hem. So all three punished me o v er 25yrs.sending me tothe deepe s t s icpke s t dept h sof d e pr a vit y. A s h e y soon worked out the more hated what they did to me the more powerf

  • I am a pantie lover. I lick all of my stepdaughters used panties. Shantelles yummmy panties taste so yummmy.

  • So I live in a small town and there is this hot girl that I have always wanted her one day I walked by her home knowing know one was home because no cars were there. Went through the back door which wasn’t locked , went to her room and saw a braw and panties on the ground , I about busted right there and took them

  • Let’s make a deal or exchange, email me at

  • If it makes you feel better when I visited my sister at get college campus once. She left me alone in her dorm. I then took that chance to take her roommates panties about teo of them.Her roommate is a cute blonde. So later I look up her roommate on Facebook so have access to all of her photos and stuff. And even now my main regret is that I didn't take her big ass bra too at the time

  • Let’s make a deal . Please email me at

  • I love shantelles panties. Steve loves shantelles panties. Her panties taste so yummy one day, I will take a pair of her panties too the mall and lick them while people watch. I really want all of her friends to watch me. I will be a good boy and do everything that they want me to.

  • Shantelles panties taste so yummy. Steve hulme loves to lick her yummy panties. I LOVE shantelles panties. I eat all of her yummy c*** candy from her panties. Shantelle, I will lick your panties clean. I will eat your panties in front of your friends. I will lick your panties at the mall. Steve hulme will lick your panties while you video me, and you can put it on the Internet. I will lick your panties clean.

  • Shantelle, I love too lick your panties. Your little c*** taste so awesome. I love too eat your panties. Steve hulme loves your yummy panties

  • Shantelle, Steve hulme loves your used panties

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