H**** for another woman's fiance....

I've never been the slutty girl whos dated tons of guys and is a walking herpes factory. Im still a VIRGIN and Im going to be 21 soon. But my only issue as of right now is that I reeeeally want this guy. He had a gf when we met and she turned into his fiance months later. Hes always flirted with me but we kept our friendship intact. UNTIL NOW……………………he texted me & told he he finds me very sexy and attractive and that he has to watch himself around me. Wtf!!!! I want him so bad hes so amazing and such a mans man. Hes takes care of his hot body has two jobs pays for his own place. He still cant help but flirt with me but its just making me want him more. I secretly just wish hed dumb his ghetto hood girlfriend and love me. Im a horrible person but this is confessions.com

Aug 27, 2014

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  • Let him take ur cherry then hel b yours

  • Let him kno ur interested giv him one amazing night then say dump b**** and im al urs

  • Yup, and he's such a great person to do that to his fiance too. Don't expect you'll be treated any different. Let some scumbag pop your cherry! He'll drop your clingy ass so fast your head will spin.

  • I don't see the problem. You want him, and he wants you. The two of you should be f******. I think you're afraid because you know he wants you more than his fiancé, and you know you're better in bed than she is, so you know he'll dump her sorry ass for you. Yes, people will talk about that, but by then.......you'll have her man. Go get him!

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