I'm 15 and my parents recently made me move from the netherlands to brazil. At first i was excited because i've spent almost all of my vacations there, my mom is brazillian. But after a while i didn't want to go anymore because all my friends where there and everything i knew was there. So now we're here and i spend my days browsing the web or reading books aside from walking the dog in the morning and to be honest it's kinda depressing and i'm kinda depressed. So i told them i wasn't happy here and now they're bugging me the entire time to join a club or go out like i used to but everytime they force me to go i spend the entire time thinking about how much i hate it here and IT DOES NOT HELP. I know i hate not doing anything all day but i hate being forced to go out 15 times more. The only times i'm not really thinking about home is when i read or when i'm high and they don't want me doing both all day so yeah. I think that's my confession.

Aug 29, 2014

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  • You're in a new place and it's going to be hard for a bit. But before you say "I hate it" or "I don't like.." Give it chance. When you start school you'll meet some new people. The club/group/sports team is a great idea to stay busy and meet people. Pretty soon you won't be the new kid and will have a bunch of friends surrounding you to do stuff with. And even though you're far from your other home town, you have facebook/email/texting to keep in touch with your friends. And you'll be able to visit again. So for now..hang in there, it will get better.

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