My boyfriend f**** better than I do...

My boyfriend f**** so much better than my husband and because of this I've created a block in my head so now when I'm with him, I can't enjoy it the way I used to. He wants to do anything and everything. FYI to anybody with "relationship problems" Just return the f****** favor once in awhile, It GOES A LONG WAY!! He loves f****** me in the ass but won't admit he's bisexual even though he told me he's had a boyfriend in the past. I don't care about this, I love him because as raunchy as he is, he's so damn innocent too. I can't be mad at him or anything. So the other day we're f****** and he's eating me out. He's such an AMAZING lover <3 and I'm about to c** and the hubs calls... I can't be moaning and groaning on the phone, but my boyfriend still wants me to answer it. To see if I can hold back while he's f****** the s*** out of me. So I answer, and the hubs is going on about his day and such at work. I respond every now and then with a "mmhmm, oh I know. yea okay babe." Any time I call him babe or any name of affection my boyfriend gives it to me harder. We've kind of turned it into a game. The f***** up part is I really like it and I love my boyfriend and my husband. So I'm on the phone with him for about 5 min.s putting it on mute every once in awhile because I'm getting worked so hard. My boyfriend is an animal. He starts nibbling my hips and biting my ribs. Choking me. I love that s***. Scratches all down my back. ugh. Getting wet just writing it. He stops entirely and I ask what's wrong? He stand up tells me to finish the conversation and leaves to the bathroom. I say bye because the hubs wasn't talking about anything to begin with, just killing time at work. He comes back from the bathroom and spanks the h*** out of me. Totally serious, not even sexual in any way. I'm like ouch! He does it again, I'm like wtf babe? He told me to get on all 4's and started drilling me like no tomorrow. He said I couldn't have him (the hubs) on my mind while he's f****** me and threw in a "I'm not good enough?" I'm thinking what the h***? You told me to pick it up? You started this in the first place. Now I turn and see his face is all red. I'm like stop. What's wrong with you? I climb on top of him and start riding him slowly making him look at me. I kiss his neck and bite the h*** out of his shoulder (he loves that) He starts hopping up and down like crazy and hugs me. I kissed his forehead, made him stop for a second and remind him I'm there with him and he screams he loves me and goes wild... Then he shot his f****** load in me with no warning or notice. That was a first. I'm like what the f***... Not trying to have any babies, we agreed on that long ago... Any who, I got myself caught up in a web and I don't know what to do. When things go bad, it's never just with one of them, it's both so half the time lately I just want to be single.

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