What a d****

I heard my junkie ex-boyfriend was going around giving head to men. No wonder he didn't give me any.

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  • Cousin and his wife were drinking a lot. she got into hard drugs. She would put the kids on the bus and do f*** man for money. She sucked and f***** the black drug dealers. She stole the house money and said she was robbed. She traded things including his things for drugs. reported them as stolen. He said she got a vaginal stick and it would not go away. she had an STD and so did her. she said she was raped and would not tell anyone.
    Then she was pregnant. he and she in the grocery store when this drug dealer told her his son looked good. When he ask if he raped her? No me and my boys all had some of her. I figued that baby was mine.
    He and she are not married now. She gave the baby up for adoption and she now walks the streets.

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