I want to have s** with my Boyfriends friend!!

So a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend started hanging out with his friends. They would go to the club and just have guy time. Well my boyfriend took me to one of his friend's cookout and OMG one of his friends looks so good!!! I have been dating my boyfriend for 5 years now and I love him so much! Every time I see his friend, the thoughts of having him comes to my head. I have tried so hard to distract myself and look somewhere else but its so hard!! I don't want to mess my relationship with my boyfriend. How can I get that feeling to go away??? I don't want to feel like that or have those thoughts every time I see him!

Sep 2, 2014

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  • You'll ruin your boyfriend's life if you cheat with his friend, because he'll dump you and never trust a woman or a friend again when he finds out.

    If you ignore it long enough, it will go away. If you stay away from the guy, it will go away. I'm sure you can think of somebody in the past you had a crush on but you haven't thought about them years because they aren't around.

    If you can't stand it any longer, and you're just determined to bang him, have the decency to tell your boyfriend first and let him either agree or break up with you. That way the trust isn't an issue. Of course before you risk that conversation, you might want to privately ask the hot guy if you weren't seeing anyone, would he be interested in you. If he says no, then don't ruin your relationship only to get turned down by Mr. Wonderful, who probably has s**** (like you might be) crawling all over him.

  • Just f*** him. What your boyfriend doesn't know wont hurt him!

  • Chances are he would f*** you and tell someone. so your relationship would be over.
    You can be sure your BF see's girls and wants them so bad. Just hope he holds off as yo should.

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