I am not turned on by my daughter,her bras or panties

I have seen confessions here where people sniff,wear or m********* on daughters,step daughter's wives,sisters,friend's panties, etc.I have never quite understood the logic of doing all that. I live with three of my four kids and one grand kid.There are three bedrooms upstairs(2 bath rooms upstairs and a half bath downstairs) and my daughter and her son share one of the bedrooms. She is tall,petite,cute and has brains.I have my own bathroom in my bedroom and I share it with my toddlers.Quite often,I take care of my grand kid while my daughter is away at work or college.That means I get to go in her hall way shower upstairs,her bedroom,walk-in-closet,drawers and wherever else. She may put clothes in the washer or drier and ask me to do something with them-like taking them out of washer or drier. That gives me a chance to see her bras,underwear,and other intimate clothes.I know when she has her period and what brand of pads she uses.She must wash her assorted cute panties after each day and hang them up all over her bathroom.If I find bras,pajamas and panties in her laundry,I just fold them and put them either in her bed or drawers. I know her sizes well. Amazingly,I have never found reason to get a h****** or want to m*********,sniff,hide or fantasize about them in any way. I see them simply as undergarments won by my daughter.When my younger kids are at their mom's place and my grand kid might be at the babysitter overnight,its just me and my daughter in the apt.I have never found it necessary to want to be inappropriate in any way.She has never behaved inappropriately or sexually towards me or done anything that I could interpret as out of line in her 24 years of life. I feel so blessed because it seems like most parent who have posted here are having wanted or unwanted sexual advances from their kids and step kids and either know or don't know what to do.I am not saying am better,just thankful that living with my daughter has not brought about sexual issues between us. It just keeps me from getting with all kinds of women.

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  • I'm gonna agree with the other reply 100%, pretty much a no brainer in my book. Yeah, am just as "immoral" as the rest of the male population when it comes to our d**** and what we're into, but there's still a pretty clear line when it comes to family or kids or wherever else the line is. I guess it's kind of weird that we're cheering a dude (or dudes) for NOT being into that, like that's the new standard, but hey, these days we'll take the good things when we can get them.

  • When I came home tonight our washer was running.My daughter heard me(all kids are gone and its just me and her sleeping here tonight) from her bedroom and sent me this text message "dad please,if you stay up for long tonight,please put those clothes in the dryer. They have uniforms for tomorrow.Text me if you do,thanks". I told her I intended to sleep sooner since I have to get up early for work myself, but will stay up and do it.While putting them in the dryer,I discovered it was a mixture of her work uniforms and her son's clothes. Her other clothes include a pair of panties and two bras and some leggings,jeans,etc. Looks like I have to re-dry them but once done,I will just fold everything up,put it in a laundry basket and take it upstairs and leave it outside her bedroom door. The only thing I don't quite understand is why she hand washes some of her panties and hangs them in her bathroom but launders others. Its probably not worth knowing or asking.

  • The dryer can potential ruin delicates. Some undergarments are made of cotton and others are of silk or other blends. Silk requires hand washing. And by hanging it to dry, it can prevent items from shrinking, losing it's shape or pilling. It's the same as to why we choose to hang up shirts or pants. We don't want the color to fade or for the garment to shrink. Reading the care tag always indicates how to care for a garment.

  • That's because your not a sick f*** your a nomad healthy man wish there were more guys like you . Who protect and honor woman in there life MR. You ROCK!

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