S** is meant to be special...oops

My boyfriend was my first really relationship, my first s** and everything, I believed and told everyone (even those who disagreed) that s** was supposed to be something special that you shared with the person you really loved and wanted to be with.

A month or so ago my boyfriend cheated on me, he had s** with one of his sisters friends, and after a year of me and him being together I broke up with him. (I'd like to add that I offered him a second chance but he said no)

I had a huge go at him about how special s** is to me, and how amazing it was to be with that special person, and share that special thing between eachother and he ruined it.

I went to Spain last week with my best friend, and I had s** with her childhood crush. I thought I'd feel bad about it because I thought s** was meant to be special and then I realised I didn't care, oops.

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  • So your boyfriend cheats on you and then you think it's okay to have s** with your best friend's crush. That isn't even on the same level of equal or fair. It's not an "oops" moment..it's a you're f****** a****** moment who knew exactly what you were doing. You're an absolute b****. It will be surprising if you ever have a healthy or meaningful relationship or friendship after this. Yea, s** should be fun. And it can also be very intimate with someone you care about. You can't control what everyone else does, but you can control how you act and conduct yourself. There are still boundaries of friendship that you respect and you pretty much proved you don't have any integrity. You totally shat all over your best friend. That's really f***** up. Hope she finds out and sees you for who you really are. No one needs a friend like you.

  • S** is meant to be fun, to be enjoyed. Enjoy it. Don't obsess over it.

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