Never orgasmed- I've had s** nearly every day for 8 years

The only way I can get off is if I masturbatory m*********! I have had about 10 partners in my life, with varying d*** sizes and specialties, and no one has gotten me off. The only person who has been close was my first boyfriend. He threw me on the bed and started to eat me out and it was such a thrill! I was so close to getting off but then he stopped and started to f*** me. Even though I didn't get off, it was the most satisfying experience I've had. I was 18 then, and I am 24 now... No one has ever gotten that close. Don't get me wrong, it all feels good, but I can't get off!! I have become very good at the trembling and moans that someone would have when they get off, and then I just m********* later. I feel so bad though, my boyfriend of three years and I just bought a house and we plan on getting married. We have s** nearly every day and when we do, and go for about 1-3 rounds during the week and even more on the weekends. We love each other beyond reason and definitely don't want to be with anyone else. We're in love. But... I have faked things for so long that I'm ashamed to tell him that I've never gotten off. I mean, do the math, that's a lot of s**! Sometimes after he gets off, I just tell him that I got off vaginally bit I need to get off with my c***. He rubs his hands over my body and sucks on my ample b****** and kisses me all over while I m*********. That is the greatest feeling I have ever had!! I get soaked just thinking about it. But I can tell he feels like he's not enough, and he had a girlfriend several years ago who was always dry and unresponsive and it took him a long time to get over that lack of confidence. I know I'll crack layer on down the road if I'm not able to get off but I dint know what to do... I m********* every morning after he goes to work and I don't tell him. He used to have a p*** issue and I hated it because I always got him off but this is different. I feel guilty but I need to get off and I won't cheat on him. He's terrible at eating me out to, even with instruction. After a while I just give up and shake around and fake an o*****. What's wrong with me? I'm always h**** and I want to get off so desperately!

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  • I also used to fake o****** before, until i tied him in bed and rode him to my pleasure thinking that it turns him on so much when i am so much enjoying his d***. I hope you get it even and honest with him soon. Every girl deserves an unnerving burst at the end of each ride.

  • U know my gf tells me how her husband makes love to her right from
    Locking the door
    Kissing her
    Feeling her b****
    Feeding on them
    Fingering her
    She doesn't let him lick it or suck his tool
    which is meant only for me
    And finally tells me if he did from bk or front
    Get me to a new high

  • What the fu[k. Don't write on my post again please, I want real advice. Not bull$#!+

  • Tell him to look up instructions on how to eat you out. I only like s** after I c** during oral s**. It takes me about 10 minutes to come but afterwards, I will not stop moaning.

  • I have told him step by step of what do do and he still doesn't do it. He thinks he's really great, and he's good, but it's just not enough. How do I tell him otherwise?! I mean, if I'm real one night he'll wonder what's wrong and why I'm not "getting off" as fast as usual. I'm so sad about this. And he's sleeping next to me now and I'm just not satisfied. At all.

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