I had s** with my ex's best friend

After going out with my boyfriend for eight months I dumped him. Although we had OK s** he was really small. He did make up for it in other ways but it was always on my mind. I kept telling myself he was a nice guy and he was there for me anytime I needed. It wasn't long before sexually he had problems keeping up. He started to make excuses and then the distant set in. He started to stop everything he thought might end up in a romantic evening. I was being neglected in a lot of ways but I felt in an odd way he was still trying to hold on. I told him it was over and he wished me luck and apologized for not being there for me. I say I dumped him because that's how he told his best friend "(I just got dumped)". Well not soon after he told his best friend (John) He was on the phone texting me to see how I was doing. I think you know where this is headed...
John was always very nice to me. When we got together he always went out of his way for me. I never noticed then because I just thought that he was accommodating but now I know different. John for the next couple of weeks have been very supportive and someone I've been able to talk with. I wasn't to heart broken out my ex because I felt he gone about the whole thing the wrong way before the break-up. It made it easier for me to get out since he had been distant, mean, and cruel at times. Which I know from one occasion got John very upset. John had come up to me and started to say something and then my ex walked up and he stopped walking away.
So it was Sunday John text me "Hey Girl, How are you doing?" I responded not good... I'm feeling crummy and alone. He said I'm sorry you feel that way. I'll be in your side of town in a bit let me take you out to dinner. I think you need a good dinner and a friend, please let me be there for you. Sure come pick me up because I didn't want to be alone. Jon and I went to a very nice restaurant. We talked and laughed having a couple of drinks it was great! After dinner he drove me home and I didn't want him to leave. He looked at me with this look in his eyes like he needed me too. I asked him to come in. After a couple of hours of hanging out watching tv, viewing Facebook, and playing words with friends. We found ourselves completely naked, sweating, and locked in each others arms. It was pure happiness, contentment, passion, and utterly delicious! For the next four and half hours we made love. We touched each other, kissing, biting and his hand massaged my body it felt like he was touching my insides. It was so intense and he held me so tight I could hardly move. His p**** was so hard and big that it hurt but with pure pleasure it was like being alive again. I felt like I was in a dream without thinking what will happen after I woke up.
After we talked, I asked John if he felt like he had done my ex wrong? He said " No, If he would have treated you good you would have never left him. I have very deep feelings for you, I have ever since I can remember. I've have lived with others in the past but I don't want to pass on the one I believe I can't live without. His confession to me. My confession to you. I love my ex's best friend. We've been together for a few months now in secret nobody knows.

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  • If John thinks he's not doing or done anything wrong against his best friend..... Why are you dating in secret? Why has he not gone to his best friend and told him the truth? I can tell ya, cause he know what he did is messed up and shady, you don't bang your boys exs. Further more it would make me question his real feelings for you if he doesn't have the stones to tell your ex / his best friend. After all if he really "loves" you he'd want to tell the world and face any challenge or repercussions to prove that love to you and ANYONE else. Just an opinion gl to you truly.

  • Bro code all i'm saying

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