My b**** can take some pain

Unlike most dudes, 99% of the time when I'm f****** or jerking off, I like my b**** to get roughed up pretty good - usually I don't ask the chick to do anything, a couple times I have, but always just assume they would think it was too f****** weird or think they'd hurt me or whatever, so usually I just make sure when I'm banging the chick that I get my b**** slapping up against her as hard as possible & once in a while take a break & yank on them myself or go into the bathroom & grab my belt & smack them around for a minute. When I'm jerking off though, it's a totally different story. After I've been going for a while, making them bounce really hard againsy my hand, I'll either take my belt or something like that that's around & beat the s*** out of them, after a while they pretty much get numb, never hurts me, never does any damage, and I'm 34 now & have been into that since I was old enough to j*** off. Other than feeling amazing I have no idea why it started when I was young, no reason for it really. When I'm really h**** & out in public, I'll find a way to smack them around. Even when we were younger & it was a buddy that would smack me in the b**** like we all do when we're young it would give me a b****, didn't matter that it was another dude (guess it still would if another dude smacked me, just doesn't really happen when you're an adult, haha). So yeah, I know it's not the way most dudes are, but when I see a dude get s*** in the b**** & it hurts like crazy, I know if anything like that happened to me, about all that would happen is I'd get hard & turned on, I guess there's a limit as to how much, like if I got kicked really hard it'd probably hurt, but it's not kryptonite like it is for most men.

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  • I feel like the world is more then my oyster its a goldmine, diamond mine and pearl paradise and castles upon castles, palaces on palaces. 40 million ways to be blessed in life! starts with enjoying a sunsets as I did as a kid and just dreaming on a future dream everything sunset, and make a wish as a child/teen works for me still! a smile, a pets touch, a warm hearted glance, a breathe and heartbeat and great physical workout at the gymnasium.

  • Ah. I see the site admins are filtering out all the naughty words, LOL.

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