I raped someone.

So. I really f****** hate myself. I have been wanting to kill myself because of this. I feel like a terrible human being. I don't even know how I am getting the courage to write this down.
Anyway, I'll start.
I was 15 at the time (I'm 17 now) and I raped someone. :/ The reason I done this, because I was full of hatred. Probably really disturbed. This was because I was bullied a lot before at my high school, I had also cut myself regularly after school so my arms were covered in scars. It all started about 10:00 PM at night when I felt I needed to get away from home. When I had been walking down this alleyway which was covered with needles from drug users. The place was completely dark. There was this girl who was about 15 (my age at the time) or maybe younger. I was ready to release all my hatred and anger on to this innocent girl. I can't remember exactly what she looked like, but she a lot smaller and looked frail. She was really trying to avoid contact with anyone and she just continued walking down the alleyway. So, I stupidly and horribly pushed her over on the ground and quickly put my hand over her mouth and just raped her. After I had finished with her she was really crying and scared. I had heard someone coming so I just decided to run. She decided to press charges after it. Due to my age at the time, they decided to put me on a rehabilitation course and therefore it sort of 'helped' me. I can't really describe it anymore as I am not allowed to (Rules). I feel terrible after what I had done. I am a sickening human being. I really do feel like I need to be shot. Thank you for reading.

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  • All of you people saying that he should kill himself thats disgusting. None of you know what pain he is feeling. For all you know he could be like a bomb ready to explode at any given time and all it would take is a few nasty comments for the world to loose another person. I have recently lost one of the most important people in my life and every day I miss her. So imagine if he did take his life.. Imagine how much pain his family would feel. Or imagine how horrible you would feel because you told him to go die. If you think about it, you telling him to kill himself is just as bad as the mistake he made. Both ruining ones life. I'm sure everyone of us who lives on this earth has made a mistake some more bigger then others but just remember 'A mistake repeated more then once is a decision' and i'm sure he hasn't made the same mistake since
    We live in a society today where we are judged constantly and I think thats whats going on now. You're judging this one person who you don't know. How can you judge someone by just reading a confession, a mistake he's made? Everyone on this world just goes around and judges people on their imperfections but we never take the time to listen or look deeper and see that they could be having the best day of their life or the worst day of their life. So my point is yes he did make a huge mistake. Yes he does regret it and most likely will for a long time. But you are in no place to judge. He just came on this website probably to get this secret off his chest. And you aren't helping him by telling him to die.
    So I hope all of you think about things before you say it or type it onto the internet because newsflash it can effect someone more then you think.
    Stay Strong :)

  • Oh no, the world might lose another rapist? That would leave us with only about 5 billion people more than the world can sustain. What would we do? We'd better start making extra rape babies to keep the population up, right?

  • Have a sook u got picked on get over it what happened to u is nothing compared to what that poor girl is going through u r worse then the kids that picked on u the only thing that is true is u should b dead

  • Shut the f*** up you don't know that b******

  • You are f***** up in the head and should be in prison

  • Everyone has done something they regret. No one's purely good or evil, we're all capable of both acts. Needless to say raping someone is a terrible act... but you are not a terrible person. It's not your fault being filled with hatred, that was done to you. I'm sorry you were bullied. I can't condone what you did but I forgive you.

  • You need to be put down like a dog!!

  • Man your so brave to say you did it, i too would hate myself but its in the past and your sorry about it. It would be worse if you didn't regret it. You where filled with anger and hatred you were just in the wrong place at wrong time

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