New cuckold in panties

I have been j********** a lot lately to wives f****** black guys. When my wife wants s** I have trouble getting hard. She looked on my computer and found my internet sites and some were about cuckolding. Last night she made me wear her dirty panties and I got hard right away. She made me lick her for about an hour and kept telling me she was going to find big black c**** to f***. I came in her panties without touching myself and she just laughed. She is out shopping for sexy clothes right now and i am j********** again, I can't stop.

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  • Mmmmm how cool is that. Love to watch you jerking into your wifes panties.

  • Be very careful what you hope for. If she starts dating black men, you may not get any more of her p****. In fact, you may not ever see her again. Trust me: that's exactly how I lost my second wife.


  • You are so lucky! I wonder if your wife will let you watch her with her black stud. Maybe she will make you dress up in some of those sexy clothes at the same time.

  • sick f***. get help.

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