Love a*** licking

I love to lick butt hole. Licking someone else's a*** is the only thing that gets me off. When I m*********, I think of a line of women and some men bent over. I would lick each ass and every a******. I do not find men attractive at all, but it was easy to get a single gay man's permission. All I would do is say "I will blow you if you let me tongue f*** your a******." I always got a yes. Blowing the guy did not do anything for me, but it wasn't that bad. Some tasted better than others. Once I found a girl that like me, I married her and give up licking guys a****. Licking a girl ass is so much better. It took me 11 years to get back "there" on her. She did not want to and I was not going to do anything to make her uncomfortable. Then one night I was going down on her and I could not resist. Once my tongue hit the nerves of her a*** she was sold. She told me not to stop licking it while she played with her c******* for the best o***** she ever had. Now she requests me to lick her a***. Love it! I do have to brush my teeth twice and use mouthwash before I can kiss her again tough. Small price to pay.

Sep 16, 2014

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  • Wife likes to vibrate while I mastrubate. She has me c** on her a*** then lick her clean, and keep r****** her until she is done.

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