Can I buy my Adult Daughter Bras and Panties?

I was a single dad from when my daughters were 7/8. They are now adults(ages somewhere between 23 and 25) in college and each have a son. The youngest daughter lives with me.We have no lingering issues at all,sexual or whatever.She has a job and can buy herself anything.I know her bra and pantie sizes.While at a discount store yesterday,I saw very nice bras and panties deeply discounted.I wanted to buy her some,and walked around the store with three pairs of each. At some point,I chickened out and put them back in the rack. I later asked her if she ever shops at that store and she says she has never really gone inside and wanted to know why I asked.I told her I was at the store and saw nice clothes that might fit her. She said when she finds money,she will go see.My question is this; is it appropriate to buy my grown daughter such clothes?Anybody here ever done that?

Sep 16, 2014

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  • Please, you think these incels have ever actually reproduced? OP had them at "panties," that was all it took for their fantasies to go into overdrive.

  • Not strange at all I don't think. I have been through the exact same thing and still do shop for my daughter as well. Back when she was in middle school and HS we would often go shopping for things like her panties/thongs, bikinis, basically anything. To be honest I found it arousing for myself when we shopped together for those kinds of things. She had no problems with me shopping with her and had actually told me several times that she was glad that I wasn't afraid of doing that with her.
    I looked through everything at the store with her and always helped her pick things out. I didn't have any hesitations doing that. A few times she might not have been with me, but if I was in a store that had thongs that I thought she might like, I had no problem picking them up and taking them home for her. She always liked those little kinds of surprises when I brought things home for her. I shopped with her enough over the years that I usually didn't have a problem getting the sizes right. If I brought something home for her she would usually try those things on just to be sure, and also just to see what they looked like on her I would assume. She would always try things on and always ask my opinion on what I thought about them on her. She would do this whether I brought something home to her or if we were shopping together. If she was able to in the store, she'd often just try them on there and ask me for my opinion there before we bought them. I guess over time of shopping together with her this just became a regular thing every time.
    The one thing I did notice year after year starting when she was probably 12-13, each year she got older, the smaller and less material there seemed to be with the thongs/panties that she picked out. LOL

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  • It is perfectly ok. But the question is do u kno their sizes. If not then asking out your daughters the size of their private parts can be very embarrassing for u both. U will kno ur relationship with them better though. Do not try to buy a bra its complicated. I wanted to show my mom that i have grown up into an adult & wanted surprise her by getting her some fancy expensive set of lingerie on her birthday which a teenager would like & since I did not kno the size codes ended up buying 3 size smaller. This created an embrassing situation for both of us. Later my mom educated me the complicated formula of woman's body dynamics of shape, size and type ( which is always a kind of discomfort for a mom to explain it to her young son). I am a pro in this business now & do all the lingerie shopping of my mom

  • My dad buys me all sorts of undergarments and even teddies and I have never taken anything back for his taste is a lot better than mine and if it's a bit sexy so be it I don't flaunt myself in front of him.

  • Even if its a bit sexy u can flaunt it infront of your dad. Nothing wrong with it. Let him know that his little princess looks perfect in those & is happy that he got them for her

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  • Knowing that they need certain items and wanting to purchase that for them is very generous. Your daughters would appreciate that. Buying panties and bras may be a different story. A lot of women can be particular about those types of undergarments. A bra needs to support and fit a woman properly. There are underwires and straps and color to consider. The gesture is awesome and maybe you could help them out buy giving them a gift card and letting them pick it out.

  • I can see how you might feel weird about it. The question is how would they feel about it? Tell them you saw some nice panties and bras on sale but decided against buying them because you weren't sure how they'd feel about their father buying something like that for them. If they tell you they're fine with it you can take advantage of an opportunity like that next time. If they tell you it would make them uncomfortable you can congratulate yourself on avoiding an awkward situation.

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