A week ago, I was raped.

A week ago, I was raped.

I'm 21.

I'm scared when I leave my house. I'm scared that I now have an STI or am pregnant. I'm most terrified of my family, friends, or others finding out.

I hate how it replays over and over in my head day and night. I hate how I feel weak. I hate how I'm afraid of people now. I hate the b****** who did this to me.

Even if I'm not ready to talk to friends or family about it and may never be able to, there is a bit of relief being able to write it out somewhere.


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  • Based evolutionary, progressive & enlightening research, it's important to keep in mind that whatever sexual circumstances you encountered, you as a female will always be held primarily accountable for them. Careless disregard for your intent to entice a man sexually will never be an excuse.

  • Get over it girl. If you are alleging what I think you are, frankly the blatant sexism & androgeny is quite tired. Furthermore, the "r" word is almost blanketly disregarded anymore, due to its high degree of misuse, abuse & overuse. Being in the 21st century, progressive, contemporary society has ushered in more appropriate terms such as aggressively persuasive sexual relations to reference your most likely misguided bluster. The female gender as a whole wrote their own ticket to incredibility regarding whatever it is you are reflecting on. We won't even go down the road to the effect female emancipation has had toward their credibility.

  • You should report the Rape to the police.
    With DNA now they can catch this Rapist.

  • Yeah, right. You actually think the cops will do anything besides demand to know what she was wearing that night?

  • And the reason you did not report it is....

  • __________...... Your witness, counselor.

  • Hello, i think you should go to a doctor to see if you have any STIs then if you don't great if you do then you will get through it, next you should go and see a therapist for a while or until you can ultimately get past it and move on, don't let this ruin you because you know you are strong and with the help of a therapist you will become unbeatable. If seeing a therapist isn't enough then maybe go to some defence lessons, hopefully they will make you feel alot stronger. You can get through this good luck!

  • I'm so sorry this happened to you. I was 23 when two of my boyfriend's friends raped me after my boyfriend went to work one night. They had all been buddies since high school and he trusted them and I did, too. I never told anyone about it.

  • Miss, it's clear you're conditioned well regarding your claim. Knowing society has finally acknowledged grotesque misuse, overuse & abuse of the "r" word, you are intelligent enough to forgo the hoopla in lieu of the inevitable, imperative acceptance of a woman to submit or be convinced to whenever a Man has the impending desire to e******** his s**** within her vaginal cavity. The diverse steps involved whenever a female needs to be convinced of a Man's biological need to release within her body has a progressive, nonabrasive, contemporary vocabulary to it now. Aggressively persuasive sexual relations is the more widely accepted appropriate term employed in reference to your allegation. Rational feelings & reasoning for this term stem from research indicating that nature dictates a Man's behavior much of the time ; as natural as a female's menses. Again, you are ahead of the curve so to speak, entrusting them to simply take care of their natural need to release within you. This is part of the evolution of sexual relations i.e. more responsibility of when they will occur placed upon the Man. Correctly, there was and is no need to reveal your intelligence. This concept is occurring naturally Miss.

  • Wow I hope you eventually move on with this somehow. This doesn't define you. I hope your doing okay. You night need to call for a therapist for awhile.

  • I'm sorry that this happened to you. Please know that it wasn't your fault. This is not something that has to define your life or be ashamed. You should be cautious in certain situations, but you don't need to be afraid. Go to your doctor to get checked out. Rainn.org is good organization to find you some help.

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