What a sad world we live in. I have

What a sad world we live in. I have just read that a 12 year old boy raped his teacher and stole her car. ?how could a child do this to an adult woman.

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  • That was probably bullshit!

  • i don't know but i had alot of teachers that i wanted to have s** with but i would never rape them

  • f*** u n*****

  • ^^Just because you don't think you matter doesn't make it so for the rest of us. You are not the final authority on anything- and IF you didn't REALLY care, you wouldn't have commented.

  • Nobody cares, I don't matter and neither do any of us...

  • Hahahah,

  • The end is near!!

  • ^^Amen to that. If there's one thing I'm sick of, it's these women and boys. What in the h*** does a BOY have to offer a WOMAN? It has to be an emotional maturity thing. Oh and yeah- I'm sure someone will say it's 'a choice'. Ok- if a BOY is old enough to pursue a relationship with a woman, lets cut down the legal age to 13 and let our sons drink, join wars and father children when they won't even know the name of the body parts the baby will come out of- but will know every Dragonball Z character forwards and backwards. It is sick sick s***. I don't know what the h*** its about- I just know its some sick ass s***.

  • But it doesn't bother you that grown women (teachers) rape their under age students?

  • children are maturing faster than ever-my son was as tall as me when he was 12. And the child obviously has no one at home to teach him to respect a woman or how to be a man. But our children live what they learn- you raise them right, they may not always do right but they are less likely to consider something so heinous. There was a seven year old boy where I live that got in his grandmother's SUV and took it for a ride after they got in an argument. He drove it until the axle broke out of it, smashing several cars along the way. When asked if he knew he could have killed somebody he said, 'Yeah but I was mad so I did it." And so you see it wasn't real for him. Dead meant just like it does in video games. Doesn't hurt, not real, no big deal. But our children- they live what they learn. I saw another story about a study where they would leave a child (actor) out on the street crying to see how many people would stop to help. Out of 1700 adults only 47 stopped to help the crying child. Yet we want our young to grow up and be productive citizens. But WE - as GROWNUPS- can't be bothered to help a crying child. So you see- children grow up and live what they learn. We need to do better by our kids.

  • Well, you've just answered your own question...it's a sad world we live in. It is a shame, unfortunatley, this incident is one of many, and so will not cause much of a public outcry. It's deplorable, but isn't life grand sometimes?

  • Easy women are for the most part weak. And depending on the size of the 12 year old boy, stranger things have happened. Plus today kids are creative and maybe he didn't over power her maybe he tricked her and somehow rendered her helpless, had his way with her and then went for a joyride in her car. And also some adult women (like my wife) are very little. I mean if she was 5 feet nothing and petite and he was 5 feet 4 well now he has the same advantage as most men do over most women. With all that being said I agree. This is certainly becoming a sad sad place to live.

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