I had s** with a woman who died two days later

I was at a pub drinking a beer when I met this woman. She had been divorced for a few months and she sat beside me and started talking. The conversation turned sexual and she talked me into going to her apartment.

I didn't go all the way with her just mutual masturbation. She was unattractive and I wasn't planning on being with her again.

I went back to the pub and was told she had had a heart attack while taking a nap on a friends couch. I felt bad but I'm sure glad this didn't happen while I was there.

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  • She was an old w**** who died happy with you s**** in her

  • Next door neighbor was 64 years old and had just retired from the city, 44 years of service and no one to celebrate. She ask if I would go to dinner with her (I was 28 at that time) her husband had died almost 20 years before.
    We had dinner and I watched her get her award after. Drove her home and came in for a cebletory drink. She told me of her lonelyness and her desire to dance and be held.
    I danced with her and I held her. Soon she kissed me and we had s** in her bed. I gave her a nice work out, almost an hour when she said she was exhausted, I could finish as i liked. I did finish and after got dressed and walked home. When i got up for work the next day I drove by and thought of the nige we had, would call her when I got home.
    When I got home there were cars in her yard. One was her daughter and other family. I knew her duaghter well, she told me she was found dead in her bed nude. They worried someone had raped and killed her. the body was sent for an autopsy.
    I called the police and told them what we did, and she was alive when I left her. Police told me it was ok. they found her diary where she had written her entry. Said she had dinner danced and had great s** she had wanted for a logn time.
    That saved me, but the autopsy told she died around 3 am, I left around 1 am.

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