S** is Boring

So, I have been married for the last 8 years to a wonderful guy. But here is the problem. About 4 years into the marriage he cheated on me and fell in love with a another woman only to find out she was a hoe selling her p**** on backpage and I took him back. Before he cheated we used to have knock out, hardcore s**. We did a***, I used to get my c**t eaten like everyday and a** to. He used to c** on my t*** and everything. Ever since we got back together the s** has been so booooring. He won't hold e anymore, I cant remeber the last time he ate me or even unloaded his c** on me. I am so over it. I really dont want to cheat on him and I have told him over and over what I need and his response is That just aint me anymore. So my thought is this, he must have been doing all this to this other girl who he really loved and she screwed him over so now he wont do it anymore. I am so at my breaking point as I write this letter. I am so sexually frustrated but I think it is time for me to find a man on the side to take care of me. I really dont want to breakup my family but I need s**. Please help I honestly dont know what else to do

Sep 30, 2014

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  • Honey, I was in your shoes a while back and had a lovely affair. For 2 years! Saved my marriage.

  • S** may be boring, but STDs aren't. Grow up. You can't always have everything. An adult would know that.

  • I gave him 8 years to do it "right" . How much more do I need to say?

  • You're an incredible s***. And a b****. And a filthy, filthy w****. And I love you. And I wish you were my wife. God, you are AMAZING.

  • Thank you for the advice I took it heart to heart and got my fix with a married man that had no limitations. He told me what his wife won't do. I told him what my husband won't do and we have each other what we needed. We made a plan to meet up at least twice a month

  • So glad to hear that you have begun finding the pleasure and release and satisfaction that you need and that you are entitled to. I think you're doing it exactly the right way and with exactly the right attitude. And I hope you'll report back from time to time about how things are going with you and your new man. I'm so excited for you! Congratulations, and continued good wishes and good luck!

  • Yes, find a guy you're attracted to and have an affair with him. That will totally NOT be boring. Go for it.

  • Having an affair is absolutely the way to go. Maybe even more than one.

  • If you don't want to divorce him, then an affair would be my choice. After our second child, my husband has become rather asexual, having s** only once every few months. I have a very high s** drive, so I have had an ongoing affair with a married man for a number of years now. In my opinion, that's the way to go. If they're married, they have as much to lose by being indiscreet as you do. If they're unmarried, it's much riskier.

  • ^PERFECT ANSWER^. Do everything she says. I wish I'd had that advice to follow when I stepped out. I made the mistake of dating much younger single guys, and they are sooooooo NOT discreet. I quickly got the reputation of being a major, major w**** around town. Bad mistake. Do what ^this^ woman advises and you'll be so happy you did. Have fun!!!

  • Seems like you have a really good handle on the situation. You've tried talking and he won't do anything, the solution seems clear.

  • ^ Totally totally totally agree ^. In my experience, affairs are wonderful things for a wife to engage in, and they have always strengthened my marriage, and made the s** better within my marriage. I say you should go for it, and ENJOY EVERY MOMENT AND EVERY MAN!

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