Rape fantasy

I am 34... I like to imagine that I am being raped by several older fit men.... in many ways.... but I dont want to be seriously physically hurt. I wish I could make it happen somehow..

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  • Lot of women have this desire or fantasy. It's a danger thing. I've been messing around with my hot older sister for years, and, she admitted wanting this. Told her I'd do it for her, but she'd never know when.

    As I had keys to her apartment, I waited for her one weekend while she worked a part-time job at a pizza place and bar. Knew she always came home exhausted (and..in no shape to fight), and personally..I'd wanted to tear that hot little waitress uniform from her body since first saw her in it.

    She arrived home, and I hid in the hallway laundry room, waiting for her to walk by on the way to her bedroom to change. Wearing a (crappy) ski hat with full face cover, I jumped her, turning off the hallway lights in the process. She was shocked, screaming for help, and seriously afraid, begging this man (me) to stop and let her up. I tore the uniform from her body, held her arms up and pinned, and had at her for a good half hour.

    When I laid on the floor next to her, and flipped my sweaty hat and face cover off, my sister realized her fantasy, which I'd promised, had been fulfilled, only in a safer, controlled way. I'd actually do it to her a few more times, between her place and mine.

  • I can help you with this, I'm an expert Dom in England and I have completed this fantasy for many of my subs, I have ways of making it very genuine indeed, I can make it as violent an dark as you wish. If you want to know more get in touch by email. Lilgary@hotmail.co.uk

  • Post an ad on Craigslist. If you think about it you're actually safer with a group than a single person. One guy can be a psycho but a group increases the chance everyone plays safe and follows the rules.

  • If you are serious about fulfilling your rape fantasy give me your address, phone#, etc. and best time. I will fulfill your dreams.

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