S** with married men(secretly)

I am a woman aged 28.I love the idea of f@$^%ing
a man that is committed to another woman.I know this is wrong but I like it even better if I
knew the wife.But I have to find the man attractive otherwise the fetish won't work for me.So I
wont try to have s** with a man just because hes married .But if hes good looking and happens to
be married then that's the 'icing on the cake' for me.But firstly the cake has to taste good,that
means him being a good looking guy.if I don't find him attractive nothing is going to work for
me.I have been lucky enough to turn my forbidden desire into a reality when I was 23 and started
having s** with my best friend's dad while her mom was away quite frequently taking care of my
best friend's grandmother. I was so attracted to my BF's dad cos he was soo hot.The thrill of
the forbidden was so intense knowing that not only could my best friends's mom(his wife) not know but my friend couldn't know it either.The affair lasted 8 months without us getting caught.I always went to their house when i knew his wife was away for a few days and always that i went at the wrong times thinking my friend was at home .In reality her dad would send me a text letting me know that it was safe to go then.We would do it all over the house and i loved doing it on her mom's bed.Iused to scream a lot and kept asking him how hes wife handled it since he was so good.Now i want uncle who happens to be my dads's sister's husband whom i have had the hots for since i was 17.Myonly fear is if i try and he doesn't want what if he tells my aunt.If i know he wouldn't tell i would try.I wish to hear from other females who have such experiences wth married men or love the thrill of getting naughty with married men.


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  • I luv f****** them in their cars, their wives beds..and makingbthem tell me how much hotter and a better f*** I am:):)

  • I am a married women who loves to have s** with different men. Married or not. If I find them attractive, I want them. I am currently in pursuit of a new guy at my job. I can't wait to feel him inside of me

  • Personally I love finding the slutty girls like yourself that love the thrill. I as a male enjoy taking married women to bed for the same reason you do. The thrill and excitement, and usually better s**! Would love to give you a round in my bed while my wifes at work! Last girl I had over wanted to use my wifes lingerie and that was an amazing afternoon w her giving anything and everything I wanted.

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