Friend's Fiance...Again

Every time my friend Dan and his way-hotter than he deserves fiancé, Meredith, fight or aren't getting along, the slender, fit blonde woman with sky-blue eyes message me to meet for a drink to talk. They're both friends, so, I never decline, as it's just she and I meeting.

Last weekend, same thing. Get message from Meredith to meet at a chain restaurant bar. She was there when I arrived. We hugged, and my hand braised her partially-exposed, sexy tummy, making her laugh. Said was first time she'd laughed in weeks. She also kept her long, black-nailed fingers on top of mine for several seconds.

Anyway, we chat over drinks, and nothing she's telling me is new, to her own admission. Been through this with him last year. I gave her my best advice (while also eyeing her up), and we head outside to part ways. Another hug, she thanked me, then said "We, uh..don't have to split yet..It's early".

Followed her back to their apartment, we had another drink, watched football on the couch, and get into heavy messing around. Despite her obligatory "no, we shouldn't" statements, we nonetheless had wild s** for about an hour before Dan was due home. Before I left, the sweet blonde was good enough to please me again in the kitchen.

This is the third time I've nailed her, and know there will be more. They don't do well together. And I benefit each time.

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  • OP here, just found this again..Follow up: Dan ended up doing a few months time (for various reasons), leaving hot blonde alone. And way available. She invited me to a mutual friend's house, had been drinking most of the day, and all over me in plain sight of other people. We were in the guy's kitchen, and she threw her arms around me, tight, saying, albeit in a drunken tone, "this is my man now"..

    I did have at her many more times while he was locked up and before she moved out, but, haven't seen her in too long and wouldn't mind a little "catching up" with her. Still a beautiful, very hot woman. And, yeah..Easily swayed into s**.

  • This is too awesome .

    If I was given a choice either to be "smart" or "the right place at the right time " - your story would be the reason being smart would be a curse .

    Don't get me wrong I am sure you are a good looking guy , but I would still without a shadow of a doubt for obvious reason be at the right place at the right time . Cheers ??

  • OP: Can't believe I found this post again. Wow.. Here's an update:

    Mere moved out of state for a bit, but we kept contact. She and Dan are way done, and he just had a kid with someone else. She was seeing someone, but that's also done. Came to visit people last Summer, and asked, since she was staying at her family's home with no yard, if she could maintain her tan by laying out at my house. As if I'd say no, I don't want to see you all exhibited in my yard.

    She arrived, we hugged, quick-kiss, and chatted to catch up. May have been a few more quick or not so quick kissing in there, too. My eyes popped out of my head when she crossed her arms and peeled her t-shirt and shorts off, revealing a tiny, black, wicked weasel-type bikini. Her body was firm when I last saw her, but she'd apparently hit the gym and firmed up more..Holy s***, she was ridiculously hot.

    She layed out on my lounge chair, soaking in the rays, smiling, and being a huge flirt. I knew why she was really at my house..For our wild s**. When she pulled her bikini top a hint short of all the way down, I knew..It's time.Take her.

    Ended up back inside my house, f****** like crazy in my bed, then kitchen..Keep in mind, we're not a couple or anything..Just physically attracted to each other and great at s**. Spent the next 2 days doing that before she headed back home.

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