Also a preggo smoker

I recently saw the post of the preggo smoker. Well, it made me think of posting my own confession. I am also preggo (5 months) and have chosen to continue to smoke as much as a want (currently 2 packs a day). I also believe like the other posters that smoking during pregnacy isn't as bad as it's cracked up to be. And i agree whole heartedly with the earlier guy that posted that just because i am preggo doesn't mean i should suffer. I am going to continue to enjoy myself and smoke whenever I feel like it. I must admit that the first month or 2 I felt guilty about smoking, but not any more. I even smoke where people aren't allowed to smoke, and because I'm a preggo, no one says anything. It's really interesting. Yesterday, I went so far as to light up in a restaurant, and was able to finish half of my cig before the waiter came over an apoligetically told me to put it out. I mean, women have been preggo and smoked for many decades; what could possible be wrong with it? My older sister smoked with her boy, and he is now 8. She now even lets him light some of her cigs for her and take puffs from hers. She says if he decides to start smoking, she will let him. That sounds like something I would like to do with my kid too, when it is older.

Oct 3, 2014

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  • Maybe your sister should tell her boy to light two and keep one for himself.

  • Ur an idiot f*** read a book

  • And obviously you're on the less intelligent human list.. along w your friend exposing an 8yo to smoking. It says "smoking kills" on the box but I'm not sure your ignorant government supported ass could read that. What I would bet though is you aren't sure who the father is from your whoring around.... typical low class welfare hoe. Poor child born into a life destined for the same, and the cycle continues.

  • Your such an idiot. Why did you even become pregnant. Stop ruining the potential life of your baby, why don't you just abort your killing it either way. And your sister she is dumb too, who would let their son at 8 smoke, your whole family must be a bunch of idiots.

  • Abort. You'll be doing the kid a favor. Partly because he/she won't be subject to the results of his mother smoking in utero, but mostly because he/she won't be subject to you. You're a disaster, you're an idiot, and you're totally irredeemable.

  • 2 packs a day?! Just because one person on an anonymous board says they've done it or even your sister smokes and everything seems to be fine with her child, doesn't make it okay. There is no doubt, quitting any habit is hard and difficult. But you would think that a really good reason to quit would be not only your health, but the health of your child. Guess the proven research conducted by both The American Heart Association and Lung Association on the dangers of smoking and second and (now) third hand smoke doing is just a bunch of b.s.? Since you seem to be a follower, why don't you do what other people do too (and shouldn't while pregnant), like drink alcohol, or shoot up and smoke crack cocaine. Because you know, like your argument from above that because one person does it, it should be okay for you too and well not every mother who did those things throughout their pregnancies thought it would be hard to quit or that it would affect their kid. Your child doesn't stand a chance.

  • That's disgusting!

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